Friday, December 26, 2008

The first picture is of me, Gavin and Liam and the Kienbusch's for Christmas Eve. We have a fun celebration where all the kids, grandkids and even great-grandkids get together and exchange gifts and eat yummy food. Everyone brings a dish and cookies so we always leave very full. Liam was totally wacked out and overwhelmed. Gavin was too towards the end. Taylor, Austin, and Dylan all enjoyed seeing their cousins, especially the ones from Florida and a good time was had by all.
The other picture is of Gavin and Daphne, Dylan's lovey from when he was a kid. They look cute together.
The last picture is of Gavin with his hair standing on end. Austin kept rubbing his head with a balloon to make it straighten up. He looks like he likes it. There's never a dull moment here!
I'm still trying to get to know Gavin. Here's what I've discovered so far: He needs to sleep in a quiet atmosphere! Poor baby! He also is allergic to milk (he pukes until it comes out his nose!). He's very impatient...pulls on my nipple when it doesn't come out fast enough! OUch! And he's a smiley kids when he gets sleep and people are talking to him.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Gavin the great

Here is a rare scream free moment from Gavin. He's so cute in the bumbo don't you think? Last night he slept in his own crib for 3 hours! I'm praising the Lord for little baby steps. Even though he's high maintenance right now I wouldn't trade him for the world. He's our little miracle baby.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Hi all,

If you haven't heard from me I've been very busy making some changes. For one, I started a new diet from Body for Life. It's very challenging (up my alley) but simple so I decided to start now rather than wait until Christmas was over. I've been following the fitness plan for two weeks but have just started the diet portion of it. I ended up with mastitis last week so I had to take a break for 24 hours to clear that up.

I'm also following the House that Cleans Itself (also up my alley...I loathe housework). My first room is the bedroom. I want it to be a haven from the chaos. I need a changing table and am moving it into the boys room (they're thrilled!). I told them that the diaper pail can stay in our room. It's closer to the bathroom for bidet purposes! You disposable users probably have no idea what I'm talking about!

Lastly, I'm following the No Cry Sleep Solution for Gavin to sleep in his crib. Yesterday he slept there for 4.5 hours! A record. He used to scream everytime I put him in it. Unfortunately we had a bad day with him yesterday so the night was probably easier because he was exhausted. We had gone Christmas shopping at target and he ended up with a leaking diaper that had him wet (it was 10 degrees last night) and since it was a "quick errand" I didn't have a change of clothing with me. The kids didn't tell me either since Liam was also melting down and I was closing my eyes a lot and trying to practice deep breathing exercises. Poor baby! No wonder he was so fussy!

I'll post pictures of my progress. Life has been so much better since I've had quiet time every morning and have been exercising. It definitely chases the blahs away!

Please email me to let me know how you are doing. I can't call much but I can do online stuff while I'm nursing!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Boys Galore.

Well, we managed to make it two days without a concussion checklist. Oy! Life with a lot of boys is great but it's quite a rollercoaster. The first picture is one of GAvin in a rare non-screaming moment. The second is of the four boys but you'll notice that Liam's head blocks most of Gavin's. His version of loving thy brother is something akin to smothering him...literally! At least he doesn't use Gavin's head as a stepstool like Austin did to Dylan at this age. One time Austin climbed into Dylan's crib when he was 5 mos old and I heard through the baby monitor "I get horsey ride!" and then Dylan's screamed. I ran in there and sure enough Austin was straddling my little 5 mos old. We eventually moved Dylan in with Taylor for his survival.

Another pic is the boys with their matching sleepers. Mitzi's husband thinks I shouldn't be posting pics of me in my slinky purple pajamas! Lol. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Christmas Spirit

I've finally gotten back in the swing of sewing again. Here's my latest creation, a matching sleeper set for Gavin and Liam. Gavin's isn't done quite yet. I'm also working on replacing the velcro on some of his diapers. I'll soon be making a dress for my niece (oh to be making little girl dresses again! I miss it!)

Next is a picture of me and Gavin in his christmas outfit that Mitzi Lowe gave me last year. I'm so glad that it fits.
I've been thinking a lot about making Christmas meaningful this year for the kids instead of focusing on what's not important. The older ones saved their money for a trampoline but donated some of it to Operation Christmas Child. It was fun to watch them get excited about giving toys to someone else. What else can we do? I always have intentions of doing an advent celebration but we just can't seem to get it together to do that. I can't find my Christmas devotional either. I guess I'll just have to wait and see if anything hits me!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Here's Liam, another victim of Taylor's fashion torture. There's something so cute about it though.

It's been tough around here lately with sickness and fussy babies so we have to cut loose sometimes.

Here's a picture of my new haircut too. I'm glad to have something that's easier to take care of at this point. Gotta go, Gavin's screaming....again.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Praise God in all things

I've been thinking about a post I received about how we're willing to praise God when things go well but do we think to do it when things aren't? Not really. I was really convicted about that and so started to praise Him for the hard times that caused me to grow or that transformed my marriage. At the time it wasn't fun but it definitely was for the best.

Last night was a prime example. Liam decided to scream in his crib on and off for over two hours. I checked his diaper several times and kept telling him to go to sleep but nothing would soothe him. I really got frustrated and gave up. Then Bill got involved and in his frustration brought all the kids back downstairs to watch t.v. since no one was sleeping anyway. I told him to go back upstairs and turn off the baby monitor. Liam stayed up until 11:30 and then threw himself down on the air matress in exhaustion. Then at 12:00 he threw up. Taylor ran upstairs and I had to clean up barf. As I was wiping the cushions I was thinking about how I should praise the Lord in all things. I already had worship music on in the background to help my patience level. Praising God really helped me laugh at the situation. I made up my mind that I wouldn't get any sleep anyway so I started praying too. It really was a great night even though the circumstances weren't great. These are times that force you to depend on Him. Thank you Lord for such lessons.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Halloween fun!

My kids love Halloween. They especially love to dress up and of course the candy. We call it candy day. It's a fun time to talk to neighbors and let the kids create a look for the night.

Dylan made the Spongebob costume himself. It's so cute but it made his arms hurt having to have them up all night.

Taylor was a Kabuki theater woman and wore my old kimono. It's an authentic kimono that was hand-stitched as a gift for me when I taught over there years ago.

Austin was Dracula ( a character from literature mind you!) and had fun with that.

We took their friend Anna this year who was Sarah Palin. Since most of our neighborohood was Democrat I wasn't sure if anyone would be rude but everyone was very sweet. Many would say, "Hey look, Sarah Palin is making a personal campaign stop!" One lady asked if she was a teacher.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What my children do for fun!

This was an unauthorized activity but the kids took the leaf blower and blew it into their faces. THEy are funny pictures though although Bill had quite a talk about it with them. Another pic is of GAvin! Do you see how his face is starting to fill out? He's almost completely weaned off the lactation aid! Yeah! The other pic is of Austin and Liam having so much fun in leaves. We're trying to enjoy the beautiful weather now while we can!

Monday, October 27, 2008

I feel like a big loser.

Follow up isn't very strong characteristic for me. When I got my dog I had great plans to train her and make her a real good dog. Well that didn't happen. Apparently when you neglect this particular breed they become destructive so she went on rampages of steeling food and going through the garbage cans. She ended up driving me crazy and I gave up on her. The kids gave up too. In the end she was put outside most of the day and was miserable so I told the kids she needed to be in a different home, one where the people in it could pay attention to her. So that's what we did but it wasn't without lots of guilt from me. I guess I deserve it.

I also cannot keep my house in a state of order. It's in constant chaos. I know this is driving Bill crazy but I don't know what to about it. I feel like I nag my children daily about putting their things away but it doesn't help and they look at me like I'm some cyclops monster. This is my fault too as I don't put my own stuff away so they've taken my bad habits and run with them ten fold. At least Liam is good about putting his stuff away!

I know that the Lord puts things in our way so that we stop and run to Him (hopefully), so that's what I want to do. The problem is that I get distracted when I pray due to sleep deprivation and the chaos so I'm not spending as much time as I need or like. I don't want to be the way I am, easily frustrated right now but I don't know how to not do it in my own power. Thankfully I know that I'm not perfect and the Lord knows it too. Breathe on me sweet breath of God! I would so like to be a sweet and thoughtful woman but instead I feel like a scatterbrained nincompoop! Maybe that will happen yet someday.

Sorry to be a bummer of a post but I just felt the need to be honest.

THings I'm grateful for:

Fall Colors
The honor of living in a free country with the right to choose our leaders!
Freedom of religion
My Bible
My husband
Sewing machine
Friends (especially the ones who really know who I am!)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Learning to be a big brother.

Liam is doing well being a big brother these days. He likes to touch Gavin's nose and give him kisses. At times he does things like smack his head and poke his eyes but I think it's more out of toddler enthusiasm than vindictiveness. He is fussy these days though but I think it's because he's sick. I've been trying to give the baby to someone else to hold so I can spend time with him. Sometimes all he needs is to be held and kissed too. Don't we all?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Look who's filling out!

Gavin is doing great. He's gained 2.5 pounds since he was born. He eats well and is trying to smile but doesn't quite get it. He sleeps 2 six hour stints at night. Whoo-hoo! I'm so in love with all of them!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My little babes.

Liam was playing dress up this week. It's his Halloween costume that is too cute on him but unfortunately he doesn't like it too much. I think it's because it's a pretty warm outfit. Taylor managed to snap a picture anyway.

Me and Gavin posed for the next two pictures. I was going for a sepia tone in the first shot but I don't think it looks like that. I need to play with it a little more. The second was a cute pic but was very dark so I lightened it but now it looks like a really old picture. Gavin had a hard day today. He barely slept all day and then just crashed. I'm grateful that it wasn't in the middle of the night like he did one night. I paid Taylor some babysitting money to hold him for an hour while I took a nap. After that hour she ran upstairs and begged me to take him as he'd been crying almost the entire time. He had really bad gas pains...poor baby!

The other boys had soccer games that they either won or tied. Austin's coach paid him a compliment that he'd played really well, the best ever for him last week.

Taylor started going to a Bible study for girls at our church. Several people commented that she was a crack up and made the evening lively for everyone!

As for me, I'm tired but that's par for the course with a newborn. We're starting to get back to doing school although we never seem to get a normal day without interuptions. The kids don't mind but I've been very neglectful with science and history. Oops!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New pics of Gavin and family.

Here's some more pics of my cutie petuties! Gavin is 3 weeks old and over 7 lbs. I'm so grateful for the way God's blessed us. I fall asleep thanking Him for healthy children. His cheeks are starting to fill out. Liam likes kissing the top of his head (he doesn't like kissing anyone else). It is certainly crazy around here with schooling, and basic things like eating and bathing but I wouldn't have it any other way. I do admit to enjoying that time at night when everyone's in bed and I can breathe deeply again (and sit!). Gavin has started sleeping 5-6 hours at night. How cool is that? I sleep more now than when I was pregnant.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

6 unremarkable things about me

Melanie tagged me for a meme. It's supposed to be about 6 unremarkable things about me.

1. I love chocolate and can never get enough. I was diagnosed years ago with manic depression and when I told a counselor that he made an observation that I ate chocolate every day which was a form of self-medication. Great! One more reason to pass the chocolates! It's for my mental health.

2. I love kids but never planned to be a stay at home mom. I really wanted a career and wanted kids too but didn't plan on spending time at home with them, especially not to homeschool them...those people were crazy! Once I had Taylor though I couldn't stand it that others were raising her. Over time I've realized that you only get one shot with your children and you'd better make it count. I love staying home now and usually love being with them (unless they are bickering...then I wouldn't mind that little yellow bus!)

3. I really love studying the Bible with aids. GIve me a concordance, commentaries, and other study aids and I really like to study the Bible. I'm not into those get togethers where we all discuss our feelings....yuck! The more academic the better. Unfortunately I'm the only one that likes to study this way so for now I'm on my own.

4. I fall asleep to the t.v. It's a terrible habit, I know but it puts me to sleep faster than a pill. My mom was vacationing with me at one point and as soon as she heard the Law and Order "dun, dun" music she'd look over and I'd be fast asleep.

5. I've always wanted to play the violin. Someday maybe I will. I really want one of my own but I don't really have the time or money. It's on my list of things to do one day. For now I fiddle with Dylan's half sized one sometimes and can play Mary had a Little Lamb.

6. I hate housework. No surprise to anyone who knows me. One day I hope to have a handle on my bad habits like collecting things and not cleaning up very much. Give my choice between spending time with the kids or the Lord and cleaning and the kids win every time.

I tag: Lisa P, Kris H, Dana, Lisa M. Rachel, and Deb.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The greatest big sister ever!

Now it's time to tribute Taylor and all of her talents as a big sister. She has the touch of comfort for the little ones. Yesterday she was helping to clean and she made the act of vacuming fun for Liam. All of the boys follow her lead in just about anything, except Austin when it comes to dressing up. She squabbles with them too but when it comes to defending them she's the first to come to their aid. She's also a HUGE help to me. She brings me tea and gives me pedicures. She's been helping to clean the house also (something I detest doing). We've had a buggy problem lately so that's been of assistance since we're having to clean more often.

I'm so grateful for my daughter and look forward to her continuing journey into womanhood. She's going to make a fantastic mother someday. Hopefully she won't have to kiss too many frogs to find her prince (like I did!).

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Brotherly love

Here are a few pics of the boys with each other. Liam loves his baby brother (at least most of the time). He helps me burp and comb his hair. He's really cute. Austin love snuggling with him nightly and Dylan likes to hold him too. It looks like Gavin may have dark eyes which pleases Dylan so that the balance of power (light vs. dark eyed people) in our family.
He's starting to really put on weight and growing into his skin...which is good because now his a scrawny chicken boy. His nickname is Mr. Fiske.
Life is good. All of the children are healthy and we enjoy them very much.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

More pictures of our exciting day.

Here are some pictures of the kids and I during my hospital stay. Liam couldn't wait to play with the helium balloons Bill bought and the kids couldn't wait to hold him. They were always arguing about my turn, my turn!
I had the easy job of laying in bed and taking care of the sleepy child. Bill had to hold down the fort. He told one of my friends that it's definitely easier to go to work than to stay home. Anyway, he said the kids did a marvelous job. He did, however, buy some satan pants because he hates cloth diapers....oh well, he needs to stay sane this week. It's only a small package though so I think we're safe from all the militants!
I'm home now from the hospital and feel great. I'm even ready to start some housework and schoolwork if you can believe that.
So far Gavin is nursing well, I think. The pediatrician appointment is tomorrow so we'll see for sure how he's doing then.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gavin is here!

Well, after what seemed like a long wait Gavin is here. On Monday I was having some contractions but they were very far apart so I didn't think anything of it. The kids got excited and starting rubbing the accupressure points on my ankles and hands. I was even online with my friend Rachel who told me to pack my bags but I still didn't because I wanted something to do when I was really in labor (something I find rather funny now!)
About 4:30 I had regular contractions but they were still about 5 minutes apart. They were bad enough that I didn't want to talk nor did I want to go to the library as I had planned. It was Taylor's night to make dinner so I sat on my balance ball and directed her. By 5:30 I needed to take a hot shower. When I was in there my water broke. Usually I deliver about 2 hours after they break my water so I went upstairs to tell Bill and instantly everyone jumped up from the table. I had to tell them to calm down that I still had to call the doctor. The doctor said, "This is your fifth? Get here now!" Okay into the car we all went. By the time we got to the hospital the contractions were 2 minutes apart and the ride itself was fairly miserable.
The nurses asked me if I was sure that my water broke and I said yeah, as it was running down my leg. They had to ask me lots of annoying questions like Am I suicidal? until you started asking me these stupid questions. They checked me and I was 6 cm dialated. I knew it would be fast. We got cups of ice to placate Liam (he's an ice cube freak!) and I got down to business breathing. The nurses decided I needed an IV line in just in case I needed fluids. Unfortunately they kept blowing out my veins and I was getting really cranky. They took pity on me and brought in a nurse anesthetist to do it and worked like a charm. My hands look like I went to the boxing ring though.
Around 7:30 I had to lay down. This is usually a sign for me that the baby is coming very soon as I normally sit in a lotus position through labor. I told the nurse and she checked me and I was at a nine. "You will probably go quickly so I'll get the doc but she's delivering the lady next door. " The very next contraction I started to scream, "Help, help, help." Austin and Dylan ran out of the room with Liam in tow and Bill yelled for someone to come in and the nurse was insistent that she'd just checked and I was only at nine. Well, I felt the head and yelled for help. Since I was laying on my side I flipped over and the baby shot out onto the bed. All of the nurses were standing there in shock as if they couldn't believe he was actually there on the bed. Bill looked at them and said, "The baby's out." That seemed to break their shock and they went to work.
The doc came in and introduced herself to me. I'd never met her before as I'd always gone to my doc in the same practice.
THe kids all got to hold him and then they left. As for me I couldn't sleep all night as I was so excited. That's the birth story. I'll post more pics later.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The gospel of entertainment?

He never sought to amuse them!(Archibald Brown, "The Devil's Mission of Amusement")

Jesus pitied sinners, pleaded with them, sighed over them, warned them, and wept over them; but He never sought to amuse them!When many of His disciples turned away, because of the searching nature of His preaching--I do not find there was any attempt to bring them back, by resorting to something more pleasant to the flesh. I do not hear Him saying, "We must keep up the gatherings at any cost! So run after the people, Peter, and tell them we will have a different style of service tomorrow! Something very short and attractive, with little, if any, preaching. Today was a service for God--but tomorrow we will have a pleasant evening for the people! Tell them they will be sure to enjoy it, and have a pleasant time. Be quick, Peter! We must get the people somehow; if not by Gospel--then by entertainment!"
No, this was not how He argued. Gazing in sorrow on those who would not hear the Word--He simply turns to the twelve, and asks, "Will you go away also?"

What a convicting sermon. This is especially contrary to today's sermons where the services tend more towards entertainment than education. We set people up to expect the Christian life to be full of thrills and amusement. When it is not they run away discouraged. May Christians boldly preach the gospel in love and may others hear with open ears.
~ ~ ~ ~

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Liam's no good, rotten, terrible day.

I should have known when I woke up peacefully that I was going to pay for that later. Seriously, Liam had slept all night without a peep. He slept until 6:45 and then was happy to play instead of crying to get out. Breakfast went well! Then after breakfast I took Liam into my room to play while I put laundry away. We have this game where he stands on my bed and then I say, "No standing," and push him down back onto the pillows. He squeels with delight at this. Today we had done this a few times. Then, when my back was turned, he stood and ran off the bed and landed on his head on the hard wood floor. He cried and cried and I held him. No more bed fun for him!

Then I told the kids to be careful with Liam since I was already on concussion watch (my second mistake). Apparently when I say be careful the children interpret this to mean the opposite. Within a half hour Austin had tackled him on his bed and then Liam screamed bloody murder. Taylor brought him downstairs and Liam couldn't put any weight on his legs. He couldn't walk either. So it was on to the doctor for us. Fortunately he started to take some steps while we were there but we still had to go to the urgent care center to get xrays.

Since I'm pregnant they let Taylor stay in the room but I had to leave. He started screaming again when they laid him on the table. He had been chewing on a cracker and inhaled it and started choking. The tech sat him back up and tried to get him to spit it out but he refused. I had to go back there again to calm him down and then start the process all over again.

The xrays didn't show anything serious so we were allowed to go home. By the time we got home he was walking better but he still stumbles a little. He's tired from all the crying too. I'm thankful it wasn't worse but I'm praying for a more peaceful afternoon!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

I don't think time seems to move slower than when you're waiting to have a baby. Unless, of course, you're waiting for medical test results. Both of which I've done in recent days. The night's are long and rest is rather elusive which I'm sure tends to exaggerate the problem. I've been praying to be patient and to wait on the Lord for His timing. I'm so grateful to be having another child. I know that there are many women who would love to be waiting for the birth of their own babies right now and I don't take that lightly.

For the time being though I'm trying to get the rest of my to do list done. I'm almost done with making my diaper bag, I finished a shrug for Taylor and her dress is finished. I need to do the shorts for the boys but that takes hardly any time. I finished a maternity outfit but then forgot to wear it for church! Oops!

Incidentally, a woman at church yesterday said, "You are always so happy looking. You always have a smile on your face." It was so nice to have someone comment on something other than my physical size. I do try to be happy and positive and it was so nice for someone to notice that.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Update on skin infections

Well it turns out we don't have MRSA. Instead Dylan has psuedonoma aeruginosa. It's not as bad as MRSA and you can get it from swimming pools or hot tubs. It's good news that we don't have MRSA as that would be quite the ordeal. I'm thankful for all the people that called and said they were praying for me. A lot of people said they thought I must be having the baby (I wish) but no I was just tired and a little emotional not knowing what all of this was. It's so comforting knowing that the Holy Spirit was prompting people to lift up our family in prayer.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A typical breakfast.

This is what I deal with every morning. I don't dress Liam until after breakfast because he's such a messy eater. You can tell he's quite pleased with himself. He hates to be clean. I call it wiping torture because when I clean him up he is so resistant. Such a boy! It's a good thing he's so cute huh?

Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's a good thing you're deaf!

That's what Bill said to me when we left church. Apparently as we were leaving he kept hearing people say things like, "My word, she looks like she's going to pop!" I was blissfully unaware of such things as I was leaving. Honestly I'm pretty used to it but it would be nice if people would say other things than to comment on how big I am. Just in the last week I've heard the same tired lines like, "You're going to have your hands full!" or "Don't you know what causes that?" and "Are you sure there's just one in there." My answers follow: 1. yes, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. 2. Yes, I know what causes that...obviously we like it very much!" 3. Yes, there's only one. Deafness actually comes in handy many times. Bill's snoring has never bothered me. The stuff I catch the kids saying is band enough...I can't imagine hearing everything.

Anyway, I enclosed a picture of myself. I'm definitely close!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cloth Diaper wishlist and other thoughts.

In the midst of all the stress of recent days I decided to shop at Cottonbabies. I love that store and decided to register there. A couple of people have asked what I would like for the baby. I basically have everything but this is a list of things that would be SO nice to have. Here's the link if you're interested.

We're still working on getting the kids healthy. We are doing what we can and praying about the rest. For a change I'm glad I'm still pregnant and not bringing a newborn into a potentially hazardous environment. I'm done with basic planning of school but haven't done much for the year plan. I may not get to it and once again fly by the seat of my pants! What a surprise!

I'm coming up on my 13th wedding anniversary! I'm getting to be an old married woman! Ha! It's funny because in some ways it feels like I've know Bill forever but in other ways I can't believe it's been 13 years. We have a lot to show for it. We have a house, 4.75 children, a dog, and a lot of laughter. Bill was bouncing around the house singing today. I think he's delirious at having a saturday off, getting to work with wood (he's making bunkbeds), and it's not soccer time yet. Our saturdays will be full from here on out until november! I should be cleaning but instead I'm doing laundry and blogging. I might make a recipe from my new Ben and Jerry's cookbook....chocolate makes everything more bearable.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

What fun for me!

Well, not really. It looks like the kids may have MRSA. What that means is way more laundry and special bathing protocols for a while. The good news is that the kids don't seem to be bothered too much by it and I don't think me or Bill have it but what a pain. I'm already feeling behind on doing things.

I've been trying to find a dumb map of the U.S. during the French/Indian war but I can't after 2 hours of surfing find one. I just want something the kids can color but there aren't any to be had. I want to finish planning history out for the week but it's such slow going.

I look on the bright side though, at least I don't have a newborn yet to deal with while trying to contain the outbreak. I just hope it clears quickly.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One Old Vet

This is an interesting video that I found today. If you believe in Government run health care, go visit your local VA hospital or talk to someone in Cananda who's been on a waiting list for a life giving procedure. If you don't have a problem with illegal aliens please read about what happened to Rev. Scott Willis and his wife Janet who lost 6 of their nine children in a fiery car accident because the truck driver couldn't understand english enough to respond to repeated warnings that his truck had something dangling from it. Both political parties are corrupt and don't care to run the country according to conviction, only according to polls and money. Now I'm not so isolationist that I believe we shouldn't ever get involved with world affairs and/or am against all immigration. But I do believe we need to be wary of foreign entanglements (as warned to us by George Washington) and I believe immigrants should come here legally and learn english. People of different faiths are welcome here but this campaign to take God out of everything is ridiculous. The non-establishment clause was to protect the church against the state as our forefathers witnessed the Kings and Queens of different countries burning everyone of a different faith and then to have the pendulum swing back again.

I actually had a refugee ask me to figure out how she could take the citizenship test without learnng to read or speak english.....uh, no...sorry. I told her that was offensive to me as an American and pure laziness on her part. She didn't ask again.

I'd appreciate hearing your response to what this man says.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Eeek! Baby Gavin needs an extreme makeover!

Here's a picture of Gavin as made by this website that takes two pictures and combines it. I feel sorry for him if he really looks like this. Too funny. It's good for a laugh though.
What do you think about my little new baby Gavin? - What will your baby look like?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Lee-HAm the Forth!

Here are some pics of Liam in Dylan's old cape. He loved running up and down the halls with it on and fluttering behind him. His face shows that he thinks he's such royalty. I love the combination of fat thighs, diaper, and gold, sparkly cape.
I just got back from the doctor and I'm 1-2 cm dialated and 50% effaced. It's not much but then I'm still early. Maybe this little guy will be more cooperative than the others. It could happen but I won't hold my breath either.
Last night Taylor treated me to a massage. She did my feet, legs, hands, arms, tummy, and shoulders. It was wonderful. I hadn't felt that good and relaxed in a long time. What a daughter I have. It was such a beautiful act of service.