Friday, January 30, 2009

Bernard Nathanson

Here's a video by Bernard Nathanson, who was one of the founders of Naral. When he viewed an ultrasound of his abortion he left the room , sick and hasn't done another abortion since. I decided not to put the actual footage of that on my blog but if we aren't faced with the horror of what abortion is then we won't be moved to stop it. It's on You Tube if you wish to view it.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

What do you choose?

PlannedParenthood founder and eugenics advocate Margaret Sanger's infamous words state: "The most merciful thing that the large family does to oneof its infant members is to kill it." How very sad these words are to me. Look at the pictures of my children and ask, which one would you kill out of "mercy"? Nancy Pelosi is now calling birth control "economic stimulus". REally? She wants our tax dollars to fund abortion and birth control as part of the economic stimulus plan.

How these words contrast to Mother Theresa's words: "It is a poverty that a child should die so you can live as you choose." She also said, "Too many children? That's like saying there are too many flowers." Which person has the true attitude of mercy? Margaret Sanger or Mother Theresa?

What if William Wilberforce thought slavery too big an issue to tackle? We may still have had Africans enslaved today. The same argumrnts were used....economics. Yes, humans were treated less so to benefit someone else's economic standing. So what will you do? Say it's too big? The more we throw up our hands in helplessness the more the slaughter will go on.
So which one do you choose? I for one believe all children are precious and will continue to treat them as such and not as economic drains. After all, we can't take our money with us.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Let it snow!

Yeah for snow. We finally have our first significant snowfall of the year now. The kids were so excited. Even Dylan got up at 7 am to finish his schoolwork so that he could play. I've never seen him diagram prepositional phrases so fast in all my life. After every sentence that I was reading for history he asked, "Are we done yet? How about now?" I think I did a lot of deep breathing by then and gave up and sent them on their way.

Taylor took Liam out for his first snow adventure and he even got to sled a little. He keeps looking out and saying, "cold, cold!" If I can manage it I will take pictures and post them later but it involves me jumping the neighbors' fence and I just don't know if I have it in me to do that this year. My body just isn't as cooperative as it used to be.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Poor Gavin

He's had it rough lately. First he had the poop of the century that started off this horrible diaper rash. Then he continued to poop to the point that his butt was so red it was almost purple. Then he was fussy and would cry a lot. I've tried everything. Bill even went out and bought disposables thinking that it was the evil cloth diapers. He broke out in a worse rash that radiated out onto his tummy. I put hydrocortisone cream on and switched back to cloth and it finally got better. I went out and bought this uber expensive stuff called triple paste and that has seemed to help too.

Then he got a hair stuck around two toes. I had to break it off with tweezers but by this point the hair was so tight it had caused his toes to swell up and turn red. We got it off finally and his toes started to pink up again.

He's still not sleeping through the night but now he just wakes up once at 12 to fuss for about 15 minutes and then doesn't wake again until 4 or 5.

Here he is in the exersaucer. Liam loved it but Gavin isn't amused too long in it. It helps for short stays but not enough for me to sew or work out in. Those luxuries are saved for naptime! Liam keeps trying to climb back in them but we don't let him! He used to bounce so hard in it that it would scoot across the room like a walker. Too funny! Gavin's not having any of that nonsense!

Monday, January 19, 2009

What child is this?

In my hand is a plastic model of a 12 week old fetus. As you can see it's fully formed but small. You can even tell it's a boy but you won't be able to see it for a few more weeks on ultrasound. Did you know that all fetuses are fully formed at 12 weeks? They need the rest of gestation to mature and grow larger. This is the stage that most women have abortions.

This week is the unfortunate anniversary of Roe v. Wade. It is a time of liberation for some and should be a time for mourning in the church. We in the church have been silent for too long about this issue because we're afraid of offending people. I, for one, am especially guilty of being quiet about this. But I have decided that I shall be silent no longer.

The way I see it is that the two camps, pro-abortion and pro-life are coming at the issue from two different worldviews. Pro abortion people assume that life is a product only of human will and desire. If the the mother doesn't desire it, it is her right to terminate that life. Pro-life people assume that life is a gift from God and that we should accept it whether it comes at a time of convenience or not. If the child isn't wanted by the mother, there are other potential parents that would love to raise it as their own. One side views pregnancy as a punishment (Barack Obama said so in his comment about how he'd feel if his daughters were to get pregnant). The other side views pregnancy as a gift. Even if the circumstances are tragic such as the case of rape or incest, why should the baby be punished by death for a terrible crime? The rapist, not the baby, deserves punishment.

There are even some Christians who either don't regard abortion as a relevant topic for their voting choices or use birth control that can cause abortions. I'm not sure where they are basing their choices because it isn't from scripture. The Bible is very clear that God knows us before we're formed and that He has plans for us(Jeremiah 1:5, Psalm 139:3-16). In that view our mission should be to protect life as much as possible and not allow anything to harm that life that God has created. Many hormonal forms of birth control can allow for conception but impedes implantation. This is against the view of scripture that life begins at conception and that it's God's alone to give or take. If we participate in any other view it's not a truly pro-life one. Some Christians had no problem voting for pro-abortion candidates either. This baffles me. While we are to pray for and respect our leaders we have a moral obligation not to support evil and the freedom to voice our opinion through our votes. Our society will be judged by how we treat the most vulnerable of our citizens.

Many people don't realize that Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood and largest abortion provider, was a enthusiastic Malthusian Eugenicist. She wanted to get rid of what she called "undesirable races" and abortion and birth control was one way to do it. She was a big supporter of Adolf Hitler too. Did you know that African-Americans make up only 13% of the population but account for 30% of all abortions? I would think that would make people outraged but most just shrug their shoulders. Yes, racism is alive and well in the disguise of women's choice.

The same arguments for slavery are only recycyled now for justifying abortion. They say that the baby isn't human just as they said that slaves weren't fully human. History gives us clear vision that one is wrong but we can't make the connection today that the other is too?
The slogan in favor of abortion was to let every child be a wanted child. Has that really happened? Aren't there still children abandoned, left in garbage cans? Killed? Our society has so devalued life that anything goes now. Another argument was that the baby was just tissue. We now know through the miracle of ultrasound that that is not the case. And anyway does size determine one's humaness? If that was the case I guess short people and dwarfs are less human than tall ones. What about level of development? Because it is less developed it is less human? Are more intelligent people more human that less intelligent ones? What about environment? Being in the womb makes you less human than being out of the womb? Why is it that we can abort one baby at 24 weeks and then work to save another one born premature at the same level of gestation? And what about level of dependency? Are babies less human than children? Children less than teens? Teens less than adults? Of course not. Abortion just doesn't make sense to me.

But I know that if you're reading this you either agree with me or vehemently disagree and I'm not likely to change your mind. I only hope that I've given you something to think about. My own husband was pro-abortion until I became pregnant with our first child. Once he saw her on the ultrasound he knew that it was a baby and has been pro-life ever since. We in the church need to do more than just give lip service to abortion. It might mean mentoring a teen mom. It might mean giving of our time and money to support girls so they don't feel they have to turn to abortion. I know what it's like to have children and not feel family support and I know it's not fun. I'm not kidding myself that at three in the morning blessing isn't a word going through my mind when I'm caring for a baby. But this too shall pass and I couldn't imagine life without any of my children even though some of them came at a time I didn't think was convenient. I'm glad that my feelings changed and that I can see my children daily. I pity women who made another choice and will always wonder what if....?

We in the church should also be reaching out to women who've been victimized by abortion. Shoving posters of aborted babies in their faces isn't exactly a compassionate response. We should love them and be ready to show them God's forgiveness. Remember that sin is sin and we are all guilty of murder on some level. Who knows how many I may have aborted by using birth control pills in ignorance? I'm just as guilty. There is forgiveness through Jesus Christ and for that I'm grateful. Let's go and tell others about it too.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Here are some pictures of the babes. I tried to give the picture of Liam an old fashioned painted look but instead he looks like something out of a 1950's space age movie. Gavin's gaining weight like crazy now. Yeah!
HE and Liam are really starting to notice each other now too. When Liam isn't gouging his eyes Gavin likes him.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Mealtime fun

Here are some pics of us being goofy. The first is of Liam eating applesauce. Notice that he's using his hands but holds the spoon with the other hand. Hmm...something's wrong with this picture.

The second is of you can tell Dylan needs to practice with his aim with the camera. It's still a funny picture.\

The next one is of Gavin eating cereal. Austin's feeding him and got a bib that's supposed to fit over his head but instead he just put it around his head. He looks like a mini nun! It was hilarous at the time.

The last one is Taylor being corny with a jelly bean. She's so dramatic....I don't know where she gets that from....I'm so even tempered! Lol!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Only Nuns Change Habits Overnight

Here's information on a book I just started reading. It's called Only Nuns Change Their Habits Overnight. So far it's good. It's a good book for anyone to read, especially at New Year's resolution time! A link to buy it is here: If you read it let me know what you think.

Book: Only Nuns Change Habits Overnight
Summary: Every woman longs for change in some area of her life. Unfortunately, fear, fatigue, adversity, heartbreak, past failures, and even the choices of other people get in the way and make lasting change seem out of reach. Having been there herself, Karen Linamen knows exactly how to take readers from where they are to where they want to be.
In Only Nuns Change Habits Overnight, she examines 52 powerful actions readers can apply to any change they long to embrace. Her insights apply to career, finances, personal health and fitness, relationships, faith—in fact, every facet of a woman’s life.
Blending laugh-out-loud humor and sage advice, Linamen shows readers the link between dissatisfaction and transformation, how to remodel habits, the little-known truth about procrastination, how to generate the energy they need to pursue the life they desire, how to benefit from options and resources they never dreamed they had, and much, much more!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Light at the end of the tunnel

Much better!

5:45 am Gavin wakes up happy. I nurse him and he falls instantly asleep afterwards.

7:30 I wake him up so he can nap well later.

10:00 he's tired so he goes down for nap. He only cries for less than 5 minutes.

11:45 Wake Gavin again. I feed him.

12:30 He starts screaming and I realize I forgot his zantac. I quickly give it to him and he stops.

2:00 I put Gavin down for a nap. He cries for about 5 minutes and then is out.

3:30 He wakes up but I'm at the gym. Austin gives him a bottle.

5:00 He fusses so I feed him again. Sometimes Austin skimps on a bottle because he's worried that Gavin will throw up. Boys!

6:30 I feed him after a nice bath.

7:30 Put him to sleep in the swing.

8:00 Gavin wakes up...uh oh! I have to leave to get Taylor so Austin takes him. He's fussy. Austin calls me 20 minutes later and asks when I'll be home. I come home 15 minutes later and he's fine.

9:30 I start to feed Gavin but he's squirmy and has a hard time. He fusses. I check my milk but it's fine so I figure he's just tired.

10:30 Gavin falls asleep. He stays asleep in the crib when I put him down. No heartbeat cd today. He doesn't wake up until 5am. He nursed and then went right back to sleep. He seems to be slightly congested in his nose so he doesn't eat real well but hey, things are much better.

Thanks for praying for me. I could tell! I'll start blogging about other things now!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Day Four

This is a much better day!

3:45 Gavin wakes up. I feed him and put him back to bed.

4:30 Gavin's asleep. I pray for the Lord to help me go back to sleep.

8:08 We both wake up! Wow!

10:15 Gavin is tired so I put him to bed with my t-shirt that I wore last night.

10:30 Gavin's asleep.

11:15 Gavin's awake. Dylan holds him while I take a shower as I worked out and he doesn't like to nurse if I haven't showered.

11:30 I nurse Gavin. He's so happy today.

12:45 Gavin's tired again but I can nurse him and hopefully he'll have a better nap.

1:30 I put Gavin in his crib. He screams bloody murder for about 10 minutes. At first I think I have a tough battle ahead but then he's quiet. I check and he's asleep. Yay!
3:30 Gavin's awake! The longest nap in his crib yet!

3:45 I nurse Gavin and get him ready to run errands. He doesn't cry in the car seat anymore when we leave, only coming home.
5:00 I'm at Cottonbabies making a purchase and the cashier has a problem figuring out how to check me out. Liam starts melting down and Gavin spits up all over the front of me. At this point I'm laughing.
5:30 Gavin screams his head off at being in his carseat. Now we head off to Payless.
5:45 Buy Dylan new sneakers while Liam picks out a stylish new set of gold pumps. The cashier comments on how well behaved my kids are. I smile...if she only knew. She coos at Gavin and he flashes her his best smile.
6:00 Put food on the table that I made before we left. It's chicken pot pie and the kids beg me to make it again. I make it with organic veggies and know my friend Christina would be proud. Bill was the one that bought them though.
6:30 After bath I nurse Gavin again. I put him in the swing.
6:45 Gavin's still screaming
7:00 I give him the binky that he accepts gratefully and he falls asleep instantly.

I can't get over how much better my day went. I can thank the Lord for it as we started the day with prayer and He eased the day. I figured it would be horrible getting back to school with being on vacation woujld be horrible but it went great. We had a great discussion on the Secret Service and also how hard it must be to be the President's children. The kids agreed to pray for Obama's daughters. What a touching discussion.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day three

12:26 am Gavin wakes up, put binky in mouth and he goes to sleep.

12:45 Liam wakes up. Turn on mobile and he goes back to sleep.

1:40 am Gavin wakes up, he's soaking wet from a leaking diaper. I change him and nurse him.

2:30 am I put Gavin down in the crib. He's wide awake so I decide to lay back down and wait for screaming to commence.

2:50 I realize that it's rather quiet and look and he's sound asleep! Yay! A major victory. You don't know how tempted I was to have him in bed with me to get some sleep.

7:00am Gavin's awake, happy and ready for breakfast. I realize that I need to stay home from church so that I can deal with his sleep issues. Bill agrees.

9:30am Gavin looks tired. I put him in his crib and tell him it's night night time. I turn on heartbeat cd. He fusses for 10 minutes (at least it's not the blood curdling screaming I am used to) and is sound asleep. Is this light at the end of the tunnel?

10:15 Gavin's awake and happy.

12:45 Gavin starts screaming his head off. He's now too tired to nurse. I tried to do everything to calm him down but he just wants to sleep.

1:00 Gavin's asleep in the swing.

1:50 Gavin's awake. I nurse him.

2:30 I try to put Gavin in the crib but he'll have none of that.

3:30 I give up trying to get him to go to sleep and nurse him again. He's VERY tired now.

6:00 He's so tired that I have to hold him in my lap to feed him solids. I nurse him again.

6:30 Gavin's asleep

6:50 Gavin's awake! Uggh! We try desperately to get him to sleep again but he won't and I worry he'll wake up Liam. I get him out of the swing and take him downstairs.

8:00 I have to get Taylor from Bible study so I leave Gavin with Austin. He has a bottle, binky and all supplies to keep him happy.

8:30 I come home to find Gavin calm and Austin survived. He only took 2 oz so I nurse him. He goes to sleep immediately afterwards.

10:00 I put him to bed. He fusses but I give him a binky and he falls asleep again. I go to sleep listening to a psychotic heartbeat machine.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day two

1:15 am: Gavin's awake, put binky in mouth and he goes right back to sleep.

5:05 am Gavin's awake again, nurse him in bed and let him stay there...we're both exhausted still from yesterday.

8:08 am Gavin and I both wake up. He's happy and cooing. I nurse him and feed him cereal.

10:00 am Put Gavin in crib. He cries for a couple of minutes and then is asleep by 10:15.

10:15 leave with Taylor and Liam to get her ears pierced. Taylor is happy.

10:45 Get a call from a glum Austin that Gavin's awake. Austin blames Dylan for making noise in the kitchen. I assure him that the fan and heartbeat cd would mask any noise.

11:00 Austin feeds Gavin a bottle 4oz after Dylan spilled 3 of my hard pumped milk. Oy!

12:00 Try to put Gavin down, he freaks and I worry he didn't eat enough. so I nurse him again.

1:00 try to put him down again.

1:15 Gavin's asleep.

2:00 Gavin's awake.

2:08 I nurse Gavin again

2:35 I try to put a sleepy Gavin down again but he has a death grip on my thumb and his gums are threatening to chomp my nipple.

3:00 Gavin's in the crib cooing at the mobile.

3:08 Gavin decides that being alone stinks so he starts to protest....loudly.

3:18 Gavin's asleep.

3:45 Gavins awake...I contemplate burning the no cry sleep solution book.

3:48 Taylor tries to get him back to sleep but reports that he's wide awake.

4:08 Nurse Gavin.

4:48 After playing with him I figure he's got to be tired so I put him down.

5:20 Not tired at all but screaming his head off. I get him out and hold him. We play pass the baby. He's content as long as you're holding him.

6:00 Feed him cereal.

6:30 bathtime. He loves bathtime except when Liam splashes the heck out of him.

7:00 Nurse him. He's very sleepy.

7:25 I put him in the swing and he fusses for 3 minutes and then passes out.

9:00 Nurse him for the last time tonight. I'm starting to wonder if he'll ever sleep much on his own. The good news is that he's getting better about sleeping in the crib, the bad news is that he won't sleep there very long.

10:00 pm Wakes up as I put him in the crib. I put the binky in his mouth, turn on heartbeat cd and he goes to sleep.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Diary of a sleep deprived mom Day one!

I've had enough. Gavin seems to need more and more to get to sleep so I've decided to cut the cord. I thought I'd write about it so you all would be glad you weren't me today.

1am: Wake up and put pacifier in Gavin's mouth. Press heartbeat cd.

4am : Wake up again, feed baby and put baby back to sleep in crib. So far it's going well. In the past he's only slept in a swing and/or my bed.

I decide to stay awake and have quiet time.

5am: Workout, curse the fact that I have to and am still at the stage where I hate it.

5:22 done and ready to hit the shower.

6:06 Gavin's awake. Normally he sleeps until 7 or 8 in my bed. Not a good sign . Decide to get him up rather than break down and nurse him in bed.

8:30 Put Gavin to sleep in swing since he woke up early.

9:00 Gavin wakes up due to Liam throwing every loud toy down the hall and screaming. Hearbeat cd didn't help at all. Tell Taylor that we're not getting her ears pierced today...prepare for preadolescent emotions...they came.

9:05 Nurse Gavin

10:30 decide to put Gavin down in the crib. Tell poor dh to go grocery shopping as I have decided to battle it out. Sit in bedroom and keep putting the pacifier in his mouth. He's relatively happy to be in there but not sleep.

11:05 Gavin's asleep go play wii with Austin

11:15 Gavin's awake run upstairs to put him down again.

11:30 Gavin's asleep.

12:05 Gavin's awake. This isn't going well. He usually has a 1-2 hour nap by this point. Nurse Gavin again.

1:30 Camp out in room again. Gavin really fights this one...

2:20 Gavin' s asleep...finally.

3:00 Gavin's awake with a diaper full of poo! Lucky lucky for me.

3:30 Break down and nurse him in bed. He's a total maniac at this point and can't even nurse he's so tired.

4:00 Gavin's asleep in my bed and seems in a coma so I sneak out. I start organizing my sewing area.

6:00 Get ready to eat pizza.

6:06 Gavin's awake but happy. Nurse Gavin and look longingly at the pizza while the rest of the family eats.

6:30 eat my allotted two pieces of pizza...ate too fast so now I want another one. It's thin crust so I do.

7:30 Gavin's fussy so I nurse him again and put him in swing.

8:00 Gavin screams in the swing like someone is sticking something in his eyes. I check but noth8ing seems to be wrong. Put binky in mouth but he spits it out at me. Liam sighs, "Oh Gavy." He's upset because usually he gets one on one time with me at this point. Liam hits me in the eye with a book. Liam goes to bed.

8:20 Gavin's still wailing...I worry that he will wake up dh who will wonder why I'm drinking chocolate milk and trying not to go crazy. Call in for reinforcements.

8:25 Austin takes over binky duty. I don't know what it is but he can get that kid asleep within five minutes. Gavin fights Austin tonight however and takes about 15 minutes instead.

8:40 start blogging about my day. I will probably nurse him once more and put him to bed to start another day of battle tomorrow. Pray for me, I'm going to need it.