Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day two

1:15 am: Gavin's awake, put binky in mouth and he goes right back to sleep.

5:05 am Gavin's awake again, nurse him in bed and let him stay there...we're both exhausted still from yesterday.

8:08 am Gavin and I both wake up. He's happy and cooing. I nurse him and feed him cereal.

10:00 am Put Gavin in crib. He cries for a couple of minutes and then is asleep by 10:15.

10:15 leave with Taylor and Liam to get her ears pierced. Taylor is happy.

10:45 Get a call from a glum Austin that Gavin's awake. Austin blames Dylan for making noise in the kitchen. I assure him that the fan and heartbeat cd would mask any noise.

11:00 Austin feeds Gavin a bottle 4oz after Dylan spilled 3 of my hard pumped milk. Oy!

12:00 Try to put Gavin down, he freaks and I worry he didn't eat enough. so I nurse him again.

1:00 try to put him down again.

1:15 Gavin's asleep.

2:00 Gavin's awake.

2:08 I nurse Gavin again

2:35 I try to put a sleepy Gavin down again but he has a death grip on my thumb and his gums are threatening to chomp my nipple.

3:00 Gavin's in the crib cooing at the mobile.

3:08 Gavin decides that being alone stinks so he starts to protest....loudly.

3:18 Gavin's asleep.

3:45 Gavins awake...I contemplate burning the no cry sleep solution book.

3:48 Taylor tries to get him back to sleep but reports that he's wide awake.

4:08 Nurse Gavin.

4:48 After playing with him I figure he's got to be tired so I put him down.

5:20 Not tired at all but screaming his head off. I get him out and hold him. We play pass the baby. He's content as long as you're holding him.

6:00 Feed him cereal.

6:30 bathtime. He loves bathtime except when Liam splashes the heck out of him.

7:00 Nurse him. He's very sleepy.

7:25 I put him in the swing and he fusses for 3 minutes and then passes out.

9:00 Nurse him for the last time tonight. I'm starting to wonder if he'll ever sleep much on his own. The good news is that he's getting better about sleeping in the crib, the bad news is that he won't sleep there very long.

10:00 pm Wakes up as I put him in the crib. I put the binky in his mouth, turn on heartbeat cd and he goes to sleep.


razinkids said...

oh dear! I am praying for you, for peace through these days. :)

Elyse said...

Oh, Wendy, I'm so sorry. I'll be praying that he'll sleep better for you. Bless your heart.