Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sleeper Liam

Here's a few pics of my first sleeper that I made. I made the xtra large size for Liam and a matching one (small) for Gavin. I got to use my snap press and everything. It's made of very soft flannel and Liam feels so good in it. I even had enough left over to make Gavin a diaper out of it too. I also made a friend a nursing blanket out of the leftovers also.

I've been so busy sewing and organizing. So far I've purged all my kitchen cabinets, organized six boxes of baby clothes, made a maternity shirt, matching sleepers, a nursing blouse, 3 diapers, boxed up old books, had a garage sale, organized the laundry room, moved furniture in the bedroom to make room for Gavin, all the while taking care of four children, cooking, cleaning, and taking the kids everywhere! Whew! I'm tired.

The kids caught the organizing bug too. Taylor cleaned her room and it is spotless now. It's really amazing because I don't think it's ever been that way before. Austin and Dylan decided to rearrange their beds and organize too. They made scrapbooks with their swimming ribbons and pictures . I'm so proud of their endeavors. Taylor hung family photos up in the kitchen and now it looks like someone decorated rather than using the cabinets as a dumping ground.

The projects I still have left include: Planning for school, making 20 diapers and 8 covers, another sleeper set, maternity clothes, a closet organizer, a dress for Taylor and shorts for the boys. I will be running to Goodwill several times and I need to buy pointe shoes for Taylor (a yucky foo-foo store in town that I hate!). I'm down to going to my doctor two times a month now so the end is near and soon that baby will be here. Whoo-hoo!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Fun in the Sun!

My children are all a bunch of fish. They love the pool. Even when other kids are out of the pool they will stay in. I bought this new swim shirt for Liam at Target and it has made going to the pool much for relaxing for me. It's an inflatable inner tube sewn to a shirt so that he can stay upright in the water and I don't have to worry about him getting his face stuck in the water as much. We still of course watch him constantly.

These pics were taken at the Wilson's pool and Taylor played with him there almost the whole time. He just adores her anyway but loves it when she pushes him around in the raft or even just twirls him in the water. Unfortunately most of my friends have boys so she didn't have anyone to play with so she was happy to hang out with Liam. I so appreciate her energy for playing with him as I definitely can't keep up these days with anyone that has energy!

After the first day I bought the suit and was able to sit on the side of the baby pool and watch Liam rather than hover over him Dylan exclaimed, "Mom, that suit has changed your life!" Yes folks, it doesn't take much to keep me happy!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bum Genius Giveaway

THere's a giveaway at this site: It's for 12 free bum genius diapers. They are between 20-24.00 a piece. I love them but only bought four because of the price. Even if you don't use cloth diapers or have kids can you enter for me? If you win I'll buy you lunch or something! You just have to enter your name and email address. Thanks so much!

A future hall of famer?

Here's a picture of Austin at one of his games. He's the son most like my husband. His goal as of this year is to be a major league baseball player and an olympic swimmer. He does math just for fun. When we go places he brings brain teasers or his math book and I know people assume I'm the academic taskmaster but no, he just likes it. Today he was excited to find out that he's moving on to probability and statistics.

He's also a phenomenal help to me. He's always offering to help lift, load, and pick up things for me. He even changes Liam's cloth diapers once in a while. When I'm stressed and can't find something he stops what he's doing to help me look for it. He did that for Taylor the other night when she couldn't find her Mp3 player too!

He started a lego club for the homeschool group on his own and welcomes anyone who wants to join. Girls are wierd to him except his sister (and me, occasionally).

His humor is witty, like his dads and I really enjoy his company. I'm grateful that God has blessed me with him as it's a pleasure to see him mature and grow.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Love as a Way of Life book review

I just got finished with the book Love as a Way of Life by Dr. Gary Chapman. He's the author of the book, The Five Love Languages. In this book he goes over characteristics of loving people. They are things like forgiveness, humility, patience, kindness, and so on. He illustrates each one with poignant stories of real people who face horrible situations and chose to take the high road. For example, did you know that the Amish community that was devastated by the lone gunman that killed some of their children set up a fund for the man's wife and child? It was a shining example of forgiveness and I'm sure one that touched the people involved as well as any who heard it.

Nothing in this book is new but the stories help remind you of what God wants for us as human beings. I loved this book. I have an extra copy to give away. If you want it, leave a comment (click on the comment word at the bottom of the post) and a way to contact you and I will draw a name next friday.

Mr. Obama on Fatherhood

Here's a great video about Senator Obama's position on fatherhood!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Guess who went pee-pee in the potty!

Liam! It was so fun. I got him used to going before the shower since he's naked anyway. He knows to open the seat and sit down but so far nothing. Well today he kept wanting to get out of the shower to try and finally he went successfully. We ran out of the bathroom while I screamed to everyone, "Liam went pee-pee in the potty!" The kids all ran upstairs and cheered for him while he stood there with a stunned look on his face. I gave him a chocolate chip and his face lit up. The kids get a kick out of this because this is how I trained the others and they still remember it. It's one more way he's growing up a little.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dillyman at the poolside.

Here's Dylan during his first race of the season. He's really improved this year. He's not swimming against Austin this year which is probably a good thing. The first event he kept looking from side to side to see where his opponents were but now he stays more focused. I'm so proud of him.

One of my favorite stories about him swimming was during a couple of years ago he broke his arm and had to have it in a sling for 6 weeks (starting the week the beginning of the pool season!). He wasn't a strong swimmer at the time. The day he got his sling off we went to the pool and he wanted to take the swim test at the pool so he could go to the deep end and the slides. I discouraged him, thinking that since he hadn't used his arm for six weeks there was no way that he would pass. He insisted he could at least try so I let him. He passed the test with flying colors and proudly displayed his pool pass for all to see. Now that's determination.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

Here's a picture of 18,000 men standing in a human statue of liberty. It was taken in 1918. Thank you to all veterans now and in the past who've served our country. I get chills now anytime we sing the Star Spangled Banner and we sing the line "those who died to make men free". Countless veterans have made this sacrifice. When flight 93 crash landed during 9/11 we also learned that citizens also made the ultimate sacrifice for others. I love this country and although I don't always agree with the direction we're taking it was founded as a haven of freedom for all and to glorify God. May we return to our simple ways!