Thursday, July 24, 2008

A future hall of famer?

Here's a picture of Austin at one of his games. He's the son most like my husband. His goal as of this year is to be a major league baseball player and an olympic swimmer. He does math just for fun. When we go places he brings brain teasers or his math book and I know people assume I'm the academic taskmaster but no, he just likes it. Today he was excited to find out that he's moving on to probability and statistics.

He's also a phenomenal help to me. He's always offering to help lift, load, and pick up things for me. He even changes Liam's cloth diapers once in a while. When I'm stressed and can't find something he stops what he's doing to help me look for it. He did that for Taylor the other night when she couldn't find her Mp3 player too!

He started a lego club for the homeschool group on his own and welcomes anyone who wants to join. Girls are wierd to him except his sister (and me, occasionally).

His humor is witty, like his dads and I really enjoy his company. I'm grateful that God has blessed me with him as it's a pleasure to see him mature and grow.

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