Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sleeper Liam

Here's a few pics of my first sleeper that I made. I made the xtra large size for Liam and a matching one (small) for Gavin. I got to use my snap press and everything. It's made of very soft flannel and Liam feels so good in it. I even had enough left over to make Gavin a diaper out of it too. I also made a friend a nursing blanket out of the leftovers also.

I've been so busy sewing and organizing. So far I've purged all my kitchen cabinets, organized six boxes of baby clothes, made a maternity shirt, matching sleepers, a nursing blouse, 3 diapers, boxed up old books, had a garage sale, organized the laundry room, moved furniture in the bedroom to make room for Gavin, all the while taking care of four children, cooking, cleaning, and taking the kids everywhere! Whew! I'm tired.

The kids caught the organizing bug too. Taylor cleaned her room and it is spotless now. It's really amazing because I don't think it's ever been that way before. Austin and Dylan decided to rearrange their beds and organize too. They made scrapbooks with their swimming ribbons and pictures . I'm so proud of their endeavors. Taylor hung family photos up in the kitchen and now it looks like someone decorated rather than using the cabinets as a dumping ground.

The projects I still have left include: Planning for school, making 20 diapers and 8 covers, another sleeper set, maternity clothes, a closet organizer, a dress for Taylor and shorts for the boys. I will be running to Goodwill several times and I need to buy pointe shoes for Taylor (a yucky foo-foo store in town that I hate!). I'm down to going to my doctor two times a month now so the end is near and soon that baby will be here. Whoo-hoo!

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