Sunday, August 30, 2009

Trying new things

My family is in the process of trying new things. Taylor's trying her hand at yearbook class this year. Austin's got a babysitting job. Dylan's doing an art class with a professional art studio. Liam tries getting his poop in the potty. And Gavin's trying to pull up on everything.

Me? In addition to keeping up with all the change here I'm trying to organize my house (not easy and definitely going slowly at that one), planning school one month at a time, coordinating schedules, trying to bake gluten free stuff for me and Taylor (in front of my very sceptical husband who doesn't believe it makes much difference), and lastly I'm doing sewing jobs for people.

I'm repairing a wedding dress for one lady, a backup for another lady in case the first one's too much money, and a guy just asked me to make a weatherproof table cover. I enjoy learning how to do new things and really enjoy making them for people. I met one couple one time that had me make this guy some magic pants. They were so fun to talk to and I was able to do a good job on them. He swore me to secrecy on the pants so I can't divulge any more details.

Sometimes my head swims at all the things I'm trying to do. I keep hearing the Lord say, "Hey, slow down....look at Me!" I tell Him, "Okay, but first let me do thing one, two and three!" I know, it's a problem for me. I do things for the approval for others but then neglect the One I am supposed to be serving. I worry about other's approval but not the Lord's. Why is that?

I guess at this point I feel unfocused and a bit loopy but that's to be expected. I'm taking the week off this week to recoop and ask Him, "What are YOur priorities for me today? This week? This year?" I have the feeling His list looks different than mine.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Gavy video.

Here it is, an actual video of Gavin doing the boot scoot boogey. The kids just have a blast getting him to move around. He looks amused but overwhelmed. Par for the course!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Boot scoot boogey.

I would think that since I've had the fifth child that nothing would surprise me but I was wrong. Since I've had Gavin it's been an interesting ride to say the least. His latest way to throw me is his crawling. He doesn't really crawl, he scoots on his butt, while doing a complete split and gripping the carpet with his heals. It's really interesting to watch. I'm going to get a video of it when I figure out how to charge the video camera.
Here's a picture of him scooting on my bed. He's so proficient now that he goes across rooms this way and down hallways.