Monday, January 26, 2009

Poor Gavin

He's had it rough lately. First he had the poop of the century that started off this horrible diaper rash. Then he continued to poop to the point that his butt was so red it was almost purple. Then he was fussy and would cry a lot. I've tried everything. Bill even went out and bought disposables thinking that it was the evil cloth diapers. He broke out in a worse rash that radiated out onto his tummy. I put hydrocortisone cream on and switched back to cloth and it finally got better. I went out and bought this uber expensive stuff called triple paste and that has seemed to help too.

Then he got a hair stuck around two toes. I had to break it off with tweezers but by this point the hair was so tight it had caused his toes to swell up and turn red. We got it off finally and his toes started to pink up again.

He's still not sleeping through the night but now he just wakes up once at 12 to fuss for about 15 minutes and then doesn't wake again until 4 or 5.

Here he is in the exersaucer. Liam loved it but Gavin isn't amused too long in it. It helps for short stays but not enough for me to sew or work out in. Those luxuries are saved for naptime! Liam keeps trying to climb back in them but we don't let him! He used to bounce so hard in it that it would scoot across the room like a walker. Too funny! Gavin's not having any of that nonsense!

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