Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Light at the end of the tunnel

Much better!

5:45 am Gavin wakes up happy. I nurse him and he falls instantly asleep afterwards.

7:30 I wake him up so he can nap well later.

10:00 he's tired so he goes down for nap. He only cries for less than 5 minutes.

11:45 Wake Gavin again. I feed him.

12:30 He starts screaming and I realize I forgot his zantac. I quickly give it to him and he stops.

2:00 I put Gavin down for a nap. He cries for about 5 minutes and then is out.

3:30 He wakes up but I'm at the gym. Austin gives him a bottle.

5:00 He fusses so I feed him again. Sometimes Austin skimps on a bottle because he's worried that Gavin will throw up. Boys!

6:30 I feed him after a nice bath.

7:30 Put him to sleep in the swing.

8:00 Gavin wakes up...uh oh! I have to leave to get Taylor so Austin takes him. He's fussy. Austin calls me 20 minutes later and asks when I'll be home. I come home 15 minutes later and he's fine.

9:30 I start to feed Gavin but he's squirmy and has a hard time. He fusses. I check my milk but it's fine so I figure he's just tired.

10:30 Gavin falls asleep. He stays asleep in the crib when I put him down. No heartbeat cd today. He doesn't wake up until 5am. He nursed and then went right back to sleep. He seems to be slightly congested in his nose so he doesn't eat real well but hey, things are much better.

Thanks for praying for me. I could tell! I'll start blogging about other things now!

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Kim said...

Yay, Wendy!!!! So happy to hear how well it's going. So cool to hear a follow up after talking last week. I had success w/ the "waking the baby on time to nurse" thing and it really helped me schedule my day. Nick, Noelle and Daniel all wake up so happy & like me to wake them up, rather than waking on their own ... I think this is a holdover from their younger days & hope it will stay true for them as adults. Praise God for His blessings.