Friday, January 2, 2009

Diary of a sleep deprived mom Day one!

I've had enough. Gavin seems to need more and more to get to sleep so I've decided to cut the cord. I thought I'd write about it so you all would be glad you weren't me today.

1am: Wake up and put pacifier in Gavin's mouth. Press heartbeat cd.

4am : Wake up again, feed baby and put baby back to sleep in crib. So far it's going well. In the past he's only slept in a swing and/or my bed.

I decide to stay awake and have quiet time.

5am: Workout, curse the fact that I have to and am still at the stage where I hate it.

5:22 done and ready to hit the shower.

6:06 Gavin's awake. Normally he sleeps until 7 or 8 in my bed. Not a good sign . Decide to get him up rather than break down and nurse him in bed.

8:30 Put Gavin to sleep in swing since he woke up early.

9:00 Gavin wakes up due to Liam throwing every loud toy down the hall and screaming. Hearbeat cd didn't help at all. Tell Taylor that we're not getting her ears pierced today...prepare for preadolescent emotions...they came.

9:05 Nurse Gavin

10:30 decide to put Gavin down in the crib. Tell poor dh to go grocery shopping as I have decided to battle it out. Sit in bedroom and keep putting the pacifier in his mouth. He's relatively happy to be in there but not sleep.

11:05 Gavin's asleep go play wii with Austin

11:15 Gavin's awake run upstairs to put him down again.

11:30 Gavin's asleep.

12:05 Gavin's awake. This isn't going well. He usually has a 1-2 hour nap by this point. Nurse Gavin again.

1:30 Camp out in room again. Gavin really fights this one...

2:20 Gavin' s asleep...finally.

3:00 Gavin's awake with a diaper full of poo! Lucky lucky for me.

3:30 Break down and nurse him in bed. He's a total maniac at this point and can't even nurse he's so tired.

4:00 Gavin's asleep in my bed and seems in a coma so I sneak out. I start organizing my sewing area.

6:00 Get ready to eat pizza.

6:06 Gavin's awake but happy. Nurse Gavin and look longingly at the pizza while the rest of the family eats.

6:30 eat my allotted two pieces of pizza...ate too fast so now I want another one. It's thin crust so I do.

7:30 Gavin's fussy so I nurse him again and put him in swing.

8:00 Gavin screams in the swing like someone is sticking something in his eyes. I check but noth8ing seems to be wrong. Put binky in mouth but he spits it out at me. Liam sighs, "Oh Gavy." He's upset because usually he gets one on one time with me at this point. Liam hits me in the eye with a book. Liam goes to bed.

8:20 Gavin's still wailing...I worry that he will wake up dh who will wonder why I'm drinking chocolate milk and trying not to go crazy. Call in for reinforcements.

8:25 Austin takes over binky duty. I don't know what it is but he can get that kid asleep within five minutes. Gavin fights Austin tonight however and takes about 15 minutes instead.

8:40 start blogging about my day. I will probably nurse him once more and put him to bed to start another day of battle tomorrow. Pray for me, I'm going to need it.

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