Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day three

12:26 am Gavin wakes up, put binky in mouth and he goes to sleep.

12:45 Liam wakes up. Turn on mobile and he goes back to sleep.

1:40 am Gavin wakes up, he's soaking wet from a leaking diaper. I change him and nurse him.

2:30 am I put Gavin down in the crib. He's wide awake so I decide to lay back down and wait for screaming to commence.

2:50 I realize that it's rather quiet and look and he's sound asleep! Yay! A major victory. You don't know how tempted I was to have him in bed with me to get some sleep.

7:00am Gavin's awake, happy and ready for breakfast. I realize that I need to stay home from church so that I can deal with his sleep issues. Bill agrees.

9:30am Gavin looks tired. I put him in his crib and tell him it's night night time. I turn on heartbeat cd. He fusses for 10 minutes (at least it's not the blood curdling screaming I am used to) and is sound asleep. Is this light at the end of the tunnel?

10:15 Gavin's awake and happy.

12:45 Gavin starts screaming his head off. He's now too tired to nurse. I tried to do everything to calm him down but he just wants to sleep.

1:00 Gavin's asleep in the swing.

1:50 Gavin's awake. I nurse him.

2:30 I try to put Gavin in the crib but he'll have none of that.

3:30 I give up trying to get him to go to sleep and nurse him again. He's VERY tired now.

6:00 He's so tired that I have to hold him in my lap to feed him solids. I nurse him again.

6:30 Gavin's asleep

6:50 Gavin's awake! Uggh! We try desperately to get him to sleep again but he won't and I worry he'll wake up Liam. I get him out of the swing and take him downstairs.

8:00 I have to get Taylor from Bible study so I leave Gavin with Austin. He has a bottle, binky and all supplies to keep him happy.

8:30 I come home to find Gavin calm and Austin survived. He only took 2 oz so I nurse him. He goes to sleep immediately afterwards.

10:00 I put him to bed. He fusses but I give him a binky and he falls asleep again. I go to sleep listening to a psychotic heartbeat machine.

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