Monday, January 5, 2009

Day Four

This is a much better day!

3:45 Gavin wakes up. I feed him and put him back to bed.

4:30 Gavin's asleep. I pray for the Lord to help me go back to sleep.

8:08 We both wake up! Wow!

10:15 Gavin is tired so I put him to bed with my t-shirt that I wore last night.

10:30 Gavin's asleep.

11:15 Gavin's awake. Dylan holds him while I take a shower as I worked out and he doesn't like to nurse if I haven't showered.

11:30 I nurse Gavin. He's so happy today.

12:45 Gavin's tired again but I can nurse him and hopefully he'll have a better nap.

1:30 I put Gavin in his crib. He screams bloody murder for about 10 minutes. At first I think I have a tough battle ahead but then he's quiet. I check and he's asleep. Yay!
3:30 Gavin's awake! The longest nap in his crib yet!

3:45 I nurse Gavin and get him ready to run errands. He doesn't cry in the car seat anymore when we leave, only coming home.
5:00 I'm at Cottonbabies making a purchase and the cashier has a problem figuring out how to check me out. Liam starts melting down and Gavin spits up all over the front of me. At this point I'm laughing.
5:30 Gavin screams his head off at being in his carseat. Now we head off to Payless.
5:45 Buy Dylan new sneakers while Liam picks out a stylish new set of gold pumps. The cashier comments on how well behaved my kids are. I smile...if she only knew. She coos at Gavin and he flashes her his best smile.
6:00 Put food on the table that I made before we left. It's chicken pot pie and the kids beg me to make it again. I make it with organic veggies and know my friend Christina would be proud. Bill was the one that bought them though.
6:30 After bath I nurse Gavin again. I put him in the swing.
6:45 Gavin's still screaming
7:00 I give him the binky that he accepts gratefully and he falls asleep instantly.

I can't get over how much better my day went. I can thank the Lord for it as we started the day with prayer and He eased the day. I figured it would be horrible getting back to school with being on vacation woujld be horrible but it went great. We had a great discussion on the Secret Service and also how hard it must be to be the President's children. The kids agreed to pray for Obama's daughters. What a touching discussion.

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