Thursday, October 2, 2008

6 unremarkable things about me

Melanie tagged me for a meme. It's supposed to be about 6 unremarkable things about me.

1. I love chocolate and can never get enough. I was diagnosed years ago with manic depression and when I told a counselor that he made an observation that I ate chocolate every day which was a form of self-medication. Great! One more reason to pass the chocolates! It's for my mental health.

2. I love kids but never planned to be a stay at home mom. I really wanted a career and wanted kids too but didn't plan on spending time at home with them, especially not to homeschool them...those people were crazy! Once I had Taylor though I couldn't stand it that others were raising her. Over time I've realized that you only get one shot with your children and you'd better make it count. I love staying home now and usually love being with them (unless they are bickering...then I wouldn't mind that little yellow bus!)

3. I really love studying the Bible with aids. GIve me a concordance, commentaries, and other study aids and I really like to study the Bible. I'm not into those get togethers where we all discuss our feelings....yuck! The more academic the better. Unfortunately I'm the only one that likes to study this way so for now I'm on my own.

4. I fall asleep to the t.v. It's a terrible habit, I know but it puts me to sleep faster than a pill. My mom was vacationing with me at one point and as soon as she heard the Law and Order "dun, dun" music she'd look over and I'd be fast asleep.

5. I've always wanted to play the violin. Someday maybe I will. I really want one of my own but I don't really have the time or money. It's on my list of things to do one day. For now I fiddle with Dylan's half sized one sometimes and can play Mary had a Little Lamb.

6. I hate housework. No surprise to anyone who knows me. One day I hope to have a handle on my bad habits like collecting things and not cleaning up very much. Give my choice between spending time with the kids or the Lord and cleaning and the kids win every time.

I tag: Lisa P, Kris H, Dana, Lisa M. Rachel, and Deb.

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Melanie Wilson said...

Falling asleep to the TV? Wow! I guess hubby is ok with that. :-) I had a hard time making out "I love studying the Bible with aids." LOL Hope things are settling into a great routine.