Sunday, September 28, 2008

The greatest big sister ever!

Now it's time to tribute Taylor and all of her talents as a big sister. She has the touch of comfort for the little ones. Yesterday she was helping to clean and she made the act of vacuming fun for Liam. All of the boys follow her lead in just about anything, except Austin when it comes to dressing up. She squabbles with them too but when it comes to defending them she's the first to come to their aid. She's also a HUGE help to me. She brings me tea and gives me pedicures. She's been helping to clean the house also (something I detest doing). We've had a buggy problem lately so that's been of assistance since we're having to clean more often.

I'm so grateful for my daughter and look forward to her continuing journey into womanhood. She's going to make a fantastic mother someday. Hopefully she won't have to kiss too many frogs to find her prince (like I did!).

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