Saturday, September 27, 2008

Brotherly love

Here are a few pics of the boys with each other. Liam loves his baby brother (at least most of the time). He helps me burp and comb his hair. He's really cute. Austin love snuggling with him nightly and Dylan likes to hold him too. It looks like Gavin may have dark eyes which pleases Dylan so that the balance of power (light vs. dark eyed people) in our family.
He's starting to really put on weight and growing into his skin...which is good because now his a scrawny chicken boy. His nickname is Mr. Fiske.
Life is good. All of the children are healthy and we enjoy them very much.


razinkids said...

Hi there!
So glad things are wonderful in your world. Don't forget to change your "About" info (update that you are a mom of 5 now)!
Blessings for your week :)

Wendy said...

Thanks! Sometimes I lose count of how many kids I have. I lose track of my age too! I can't ever call them the correct name either. My poor, poor brain!

Dana & Ryan said...

Boys! Boys! And more boys!