Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gavin is here!

Well, after what seemed like a long wait Gavin is here. On Monday I was having some contractions but they were very far apart so I didn't think anything of it. The kids got excited and starting rubbing the accupressure points on my ankles and hands. I was even online with my friend Rachel who told me to pack my bags but I still didn't because I wanted something to do when I was really in labor (something I find rather funny now!)
About 4:30 I had regular contractions but they were still about 5 minutes apart. They were bad enough that I didn't want to talk nor did I want to go to the library as I had planned. It was Taylor's night to make dinner so I sat on my balance ball and directed her. By 5:30 I needed to take a hot shower. When I was in there my water broke. Usually I deliver about 2 hours after they break my water so I went upstairs to tell Bill and instantly everyone jumped up from the table. I had to tell them to calm down that I still had to call the doctor. The doctor said, "This is your fifth? Get here now!" Okay into the car we all went. By the time we got to the hospital the contractions were 2 minutes apart and the ride itself was fairly miserable.
The nurses asked me if I was sure that my water broke and I said yeah, as it was running down my leg. They had to ask me lots of annoying questions like Am I suicidal? until you started asking me these stupid questions. They checked me and I was 6 cm dialated. I knew it would be fast. We got cups of ice to placate Liam (he's an ice cube freak!) and I got down to business breathing. The nurses decided I needed an IV line in just in case I needed fluids. Unfortunately they kept blowing out my veins and I was getting really cranky. They took pity on me and brought in a nurse anesthetist to do it and worked like a charm. My hands look like I went to the boxing ring though.
Around 7:30 I had to lay down. This is usually a sign for me that the baby is coming very soon as I normally sit in a lotus position through labor. I told the nurse and she checked me and I was at a nine. "You will probably go quickly so I'll get the doc but she's delivering the lady next door. " The very next contraction I started to scream, "Help, help, help." Austin and Dylan ran out of the room with Liam in tow and Bill yelled for someone to come in and the nurse was insistent that she'd just checked and I was only at nine. Well, I felt the head and yelled for help. Since I was laying on my side I flipped over and the baby shot out onto the bed. All of the nurses were standing there in shock as if they couldn't believe he was actually there on the bed. Bill looked at them and said, "The baby's out." That seemed to break their shock and they went to work.
The doc came in and introduced herself to me. I'd never met her before as I'd always gone to my doc in the same practice.
THe kids all got to hold him and then they left. As for me I couldn't sleep all night as I was so excited. That's the birth story. I'll post more pics later.


Kim said...


He's GORGEOUS and the family photo of all of you is FABULOUS!

I'm soo happy for you!


Christina said...

Precious! I am so thrilled for you! Wendy, you look so beautiful and serene in your picture with Gavin...a real natural and a gorgeous mother, inside and out:) I absolutely love the family picture! And look at my buddy Liam...what a sport and a cutie! No doubt he gets the award for the most lopsided brother. Big sis and brothers look so proud. Dad, you've got quite a special little clan there! Congrgatulations! to ALL of you!
Much love, Christina

razinkids said...

Praise God and congrats to your gang!

Lesley Meyerott said...

CONGRATS!!!!!! What a birth story! Can't wait to meet baby Gavin. Take care!!!!

Qtpies7 said...

He's a true qtpie! You look way too gorgeous for just giving birth, so not fair! LOL
Congratulations on little Gavin!

Mitzi said...

HOORAY!!! I am so happy for you, Wendy. Everyone looks great. The baby is a keeper, for sure!!! LOL What a doll! :) :) :) He looks so kissable!

I detest nurses who think that mothers of many children don't know what they are talking about. When we say "THE BABY IS COMING"...what part of that statement don't nurses understand??? I have had a few of these experiences myself. The nurses are always in disbelief when the baby REALLY DOES if that couldn't be possible! LOL I find many of these nurses have never had a child yet, so they are only going on book knowledge, not real life experience.

Anyway, WAY TO GO, GIRL! I am happy all went well. Now, go get busy on another one...LOLOL Only I could say that...LOLOL

God's blessings on your entire household.

All my love,


Elyse Wade said...

Wendy, Gavin is precious! I went to visit you at St. John's yesterday, but you had already been discharged! Wow, you're fast!When can I bring you dinner? I'll call you!

Dianne said...

congrats! He is beautiful.

momofmanysheep said...

Congratulations Momma! And welcome home Gavin! Glad to hear everything went so smoothly. What a beautiful baby.

Cathy said...

Congrats! Gavin is adorable, along with the rest of the Kienbush critters! LOL Big hugs to you ALL.
Love, Cathy

Kris said...

Wendy, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! How awesome that Gavin just popped right out--so is the doctor still going to be paid for delivering him? LOL

Beautiful baby--and mama too!

20somthingypsy said...

looks just like the rest of them!

Congratulations! So glad he is finally here!

20somthingypsy said...

oops...20somethinggypsy is actually Dana- I didn't know it but our computer was signed into Ashley's account.

RandJ said...

Wow Wendy! YOu have another BEAUTIFUL child! We are so happy for you all! I loved the story of Gavin's birth, too. I hope my 5th will be like that! I hope my 2nd will be like that! Yep, we're having our 2nd! Yippeeee! I tried calling you tonight but will email later.