Monday, September 8, 2008

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

I don't think time seems to move slower than when you're waiting to have a baby. Unless, of course, you're waiting for medical test results. Both of which I've done in recent days. The night's are long and rest is rather elusive which I'm sure tends to exaggerate the problem. I've been praying to be patient and to wait on the Lord for His timing. I'm so grateful to be having another child. I know that there are many women who would love to be waiting for the birth of their own babies right now and I don't take that lightly.

For the time being though I'm trying to get the rest of my to do list done. I'm almost done with making my diaper bag, I finished a shrug for Taylor and her dress is finished. I need to do the shorts for the boys but that takes hardly any time. I finished a maternity outfit but then forgot to wear it for church! Oops!

Incidentally, a woman at church yesterday said, "You are always so happy looking. You always have a smile on your face." It was so nice to have someone comment on something other than my physical size. I do try to be happy and positive and it was so nice for someone to notice that.

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Melanie Wilson said...

You're doing great with your attitude and waiting. So glad you're getting things done. It's good to have something to occupy you besides baby kicks!