Sunday, October 12, 2008

My little babes.

Liam was playing dress up this week. It's his Halloween costume that is too cute on him but unfortunately he doesn't like it too much. I think it's because it's a pretty warm outfit. Taylor managed to snap a picture anyway.

Me and Gavin posed for the next two pictures. I was going for a sepia tone in the first shot but I don't think it looks like that. I need to play with it a little more. The second was a cute pic but was very dark so I lightened it but now it looks like a really old picture. Gavin had a hard day today. He barely slept all day and then just crashed. I'm grateful that it wasn't in the middle of the night like he did one night. I paid Taylor some babysitting money to hold him for an hour while I took a nap. After that hour she ran upstairs and begged me to take him as he'd been crying almost the entire time. He had really bad gas pains...poor baby!

The other boys had soccer games that they either won or tied. Austin's coach paid him a compliment that he'd played really well, the best ever for him last week.

Taylor started going to a Bible study for girls at our church. Several people commented that she was a crack up and made the evening lively for everyone!

As for me, I'm tired but that's par for the course with a newborn. We're starting to get back to doing school although we never seem to get a normal day without interuptions. The kids don't mind but I've been very neglectful with science and history. Oops!

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