Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One Old Vet

This is an interesting video that I found today. If you believe in Government run health care, go visit your local VA hospital or talk to someone in Cananda who's been on a waiting list for a life giving procedure. If you don't have a problem with illegal aliens please read about what happened to Rev. Scott Willis and his wife Janet who lost 6 of their nine children in a fiery car accident because the truck driver couldn't understand english enough to respond to repeated warnings that his truck had something dangling from it. Both political parties are corrupt and don't care to run the country according to conviction, only according to polls and money. Now I'm not so isolationist that I believe we shouldn't ever get involved with world affairs and/or am against all immigration. But I do believe we need to be wary of foreign entanglements (as warned to us by George Washington) and I believe immigrants should come here legally and learn english. People of different faiths are welcome here but this campaign to take God out of everything is ridiculous. The non-establishment clause was to protect the church against the state as our forefathers witnessed the Kings and Queens of different countries burning everyone of a different faith and then to have the pendulum swing back again.

I actually had a refugee ask me to figure out how she could take the citizenship test without learnng to read or speak english.....uh, no...sorry. I told her that was offensive to me as an American and pure laziness on her part. She didn't ask again.

I'd appreciate hearing your response to what this man says.

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