Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mr. Big Eyes

Liam does this funny thing now that we call big eyes. He tries to force his eyes really big and then waits for us all to laugh. These pictures don't capture it completely but they give you an idea. He's such a ham.

Last night I told him to tell Dylan good night and he said very clearly, "Night, night Dylan!" and gave him a hug. It was so cute. He says a new word every day now. He also pulls up my shirt to see baby Gavin and rub my tummy. Little does he know how much his life is about to change in about a month. For now he's just blissfully unaware.


Lesley said...

In the top pic he looks like grandpa! :-)

Dana & Ryan said...

him and dylan together- very cute!

Gregg said...

I have to laugh. When we were little, my younger sister would just STARE at my brother and I at the table. For some reason this would drive us nuts, and we'll yell "Big Eyes!" at her and make our eyes as wide as possible.

Ah, good times, good time.

There are a lot of "Big Eyes" stories out there at our family get togethers.