Monday, August 18, 2008

Dealing with Discouragement

I'm having a tough time this week. I've been working very hard to purge, organize, and get ready for 4 weeks now but it never seems to be enough. I'm constantly swimming on a tidal wave of junk and feel like I"m spinning my wheels. My one son I have disciplined every day for leaving stuff out and talking back but it doesn't seem to be helping....he's still scattering his things everywhere. I found a cloth napkin in someone's lego box and there were pool toys all over the blue room (the ones no one plays with). I feel like gathering it all and starting a bonfire in my front yard! My neighbors would like that, especially when someone called the County on us for stacking plywood against the house and hoarding tree limbs in our front yard! Urrr!

One of my sons is sick and just wants to sleep all day, definitely not typical for him. So we're stuck at home and my other children and whining about having to stay here with nothing to do (oh yeah, what about all the toys we have that you never play with?) I know this phase will pass but it is frustrating.

I'm trying to set up a class with homeschoolers (all of them contacted ME to say they were interested) but when it came time to commit I haven't heard from many of them. This is why I gave up trying to have the blooming class in the first place because I can't stand the, "oh yeah, I want to take that class" and then they never show up. Last year I had 4 people sign up for sewing class and then NONE of them showed up. One did offer to pay for it anyway but then never sent the check. Oy! It makes me not want to initiate anything with these people...oh yeah, I didn't they came to ME!

Okay, I know I'm hormonal and tired so things aren't looking up for me right now but that will change. When I was praying about it I felt like the Lord was saying, "You're so focused on what everyone's doing wrong instead of what everyone's doing right." Oops, okay. I guess I'll need help with that one!

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