Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Meanest most lame Mom ever!

I guess it's my turn to be one of those! Today my dd called me lame because I won't let her pick out my next set of checks. I told her she could pick out her own set but now I'm lame because I only pick out lame things.

My ds's eyes were completely bloodshot and he was flopping all over the couch due to fatigue and I sent him to bed at 8:30, thus I am the meanest most unfair mom ever.

They say I live to give would be a different story if they would do what they need to like put their stuff away. I know I've been a horrible role model for that one though so I guess I can't blame them too much.

Anyway, I guess I've officially crossed over to the parent who doesn't know anything category. I'm sure it doesn't help that my dd programs my cellphone for me and picks out my avatar. I probably could do these things if I had patience but I don't. She told me the other day that she so enjoyed shopping with Nana because she has taste in clothes and I don't. Ouch! I bit back the comment in my head about letting that be a priority over other things! Oy!

Parenting is an unusual journey. It starts out being so physically demanding that you don't know which end is up because you're so sleep deprived and exhausted. It transitions into nights of full sleep for a while and then goes back to sleepless nights because you're wondering where they are.

I keep hoping that by doing things for them they won't think I'm so bad. Yesterday Taylor got to invite a friend swimming, I played several matches of boggle with Dylan, and I played horse with Austin. I'm under the delusion that by doing these things it will produce happy children. I now know all you can do is the best you can and in the end the good will outweigh the bad in their memories. I'm not perfect and neither are they.

On the bright side Taylor made me a bracelet, Austin offered to help with Liam, and Dylan took Liam roller blading. I guess maybe I should be the one to focus on what's right and not the occasional bonehead comment that comes out of their mouth. Lord knows I had my share!

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Qtpies7 said...

You and me both! My kids say I need the senior citzen cell phone, lol. I can't pick out clothing for my 17yo, but at least she is nice about it, lol.
I hope your kids get well quickly.