Wednesday, August 13, 2008

To do list before the baby comes:

  • Here's a list of all the things I want to do in the next three weeks.

    1. Make 3 more small and 3 more large diaper covers
    2. Plan school year
    3. Do study guides for reading
    4. Set up French class Tried but failed
    5. Set up sewing class Ditto
    6. Make closet organizer
    7. make dress for Taylor
    8. Make leotard for Taylor
    9. Make diaper bag
    10. Organize blue room and donate all the stuff I've accumulated.
    11. Buy 2 more bum genius newborn diapers, 4 smalls, and 4 medium.
    12. Make 10 liners/stuffers for diapers
    13. Finish shorts for the boys (get blue thread from Melanie!)
    14. Set up schedule for school year.
    15. Most of all, cover the year in prayer!


Dana & Ryan said...

Thank you for posting your list! That way I don't have to ask you - you can just delete when necessary! :)

Long list! But you can do it! You have done SO much already!

mmk said...

Wow, you are ambitious and have motivated to begin my own list. Top of which is organizing family photos