Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Olympics and other thoughts.

We've been enjoying watching the Olympics on t.v. together. It's been fun to see the kids really getting into it with me instead of moaning that it's not a Disney cartoon. Austin dreams of going someday for swimming or diving. You should see that kid dive.

We also got a surprise visit from Uncle Brett and Aunt Thea this weekend. It was wonderful to see Cousin Lily and go swimming at Nana's pool together. They came to cheer mom up after she lost her dog Shane. It was so sweet of them to come on such short notice.

The OB said that I'm going to go soon. I have six weeks at the most. That seems unbelievable to me! I told my brother that the next time I saw him I would have another baby! Wow! My sister in law commented on how much room I still had in my van. I laughed and said I would find a way to fill it. I don't know if God will bless us with anymore children but there will always be room for friends!

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