Monday, August 11, 2008

Biking fun!

Believe it or not it is really cool today. It's actually too cold to go swimming. I suggested that the kids take a bike ride and take Liam in the trailer too. They had a great time although Taylor said she felt like a noodle afterwards. I'm jealous that they can go because I can't right now. I love to take the kids biking. Maybe in another two months?

I can't get over this weather though, it's way too nice for this part of the country in the middle of August. We had a picnic lunch today too where Taylor made finger sandwiches, chips, and fruit. We had a blast just enjoying the day the Lord made and each other. Right now the boys are making mud pies outside. Austin's trying to see how big of a mud lump (uh...brick) he can make. Boys! They're so dirty.

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Dana & Ryan said...

Way to go Taylor! Maybe sometime you can pull me around in that thing! :)