Thursday, November 13, 2008

Praise God in all things

I've been thinking about a post I received about how we're willing to praise God when things go well but do we think to do it when things aren't? Not really. I was really convicted about that and so started to praise Him for the hard times that caused me to grow or that transformed my marriage. At the time it wasn't fun but it definitely was for the best.

Last night was a prime example. Liam decided to scream in his crib on and off for over two hours. I checked his diaper several times and kept telling him to go to sleep but nothing would soothe him. I really got frustrated and gave up. Then Bill got involved and in his frustration brought all the kids back downstairs to watch t.v. since no one was sleeping anyway. I told him to go back upstairs and turn off the baby monitor. Liam stayed up until 11:30 and then threw himself down on the air matress in exhaustion. Then at 12:00 he threw up. Taylor ran upstairs and I had to clean up barf. As I was wiping the cushions I was thinking about how I should praise the Lord in all things. I already had worship music on in the background to help my patience level. Praising God really helped me laugh at the situation. I made up my mind that I wouldn't get any sleep anyway so I started praying too. It really was a great night even though the circumstances weren't great. These are times that force you to depend on Him. Thank you Lord for such lessons.


razinkids said...

Amen, sister......funny that I have been on that same subject in my thoughts lately! Be blessed, and I'm praying you'll be a bit less stressed soon! If not, I know you'll praise Him anyway.

Melanie Wilson said...

Good for you, girl! I've never forgotten a story I read in Guideposts years ago. The man was attacked by killer bees and praised God for them. WOW! He survived. You will, too. :-)