Sunday, November 9, 2008

Halloween fun!

My kids love Halloween. They especially love to dress up and of course the candy. We call it candy day. It's a fun time to talk to neighbors and let the kids create a look for the night.

Dylan made the Spongebob costume himself. It's so cute but it made his arms hurt having to have them up all night.

Taylor was a Kabuki theater woman and wore my old kimono. It's an authentic kimono that was hand-stitched as a gift for me when I taught over there years ago.

Austin was Dracula ( a character from literature mind you!) and had fun with that.

We took their friend Anna this year who was Sarah Palin. Since most of our neighborohood was Democrat I wasn't sure if anyone would be rude but everyone was very sweet. Many would say, "Hey look, Sarah Palin is making a personal campaign stop!" One lady asked if she was a teacher.


Kris said...

Cuteness! Oh, and the Dracula eldest is named Jonathan Harker....yep, one of the main characters! We're heathens, I tell ya!

Sarah Palin was a very creative costume! Love it!

Melanie Wilson said...

Very cute! I really admire that you are not afraid to let your children learn by doing. It's wonderful that they can create their own costumes.