Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Hi all,

If you haven't heard from me I've been very busy making some changes. For one, I started a new diet from Body for Life. It's very challenging (up my alley) but simple so I decided to start now rather than wait until Christmas was over. I've been following the fitness plan for two weeks but have just started the diet portion of it. I ended up with mastitis last week so I had to take a break for 24 hours to clear that up.

I'm also following the House that Cleans Itself (also up my alley...I loathe housework). My first room is the bedroom. I want it to be a haven from the chaos. I need a changing table and am moving it into the boys room (they're thrilled!). I told them that the diaper pail can stay in our room. It's closer to the bathroom for bidet purposes! You disposable users probably have no idea what I'm talking about!

Lastly, I'm following the No Cry Sleep Solution for Gavin to sleep in his crib. Yesterday he slept there for 4.5 hours! A record. He used to scream everytime I put him in it. Unfortunately we had a bad day with him yesterday so the night was probably easier because he was exhausted. We had gone Christmas shopping at target and he ended up with a leaking diaper that had him wet (it was 10 degrees last night) and since it was a "quick errand" I didn't have a change of clothing with me. The kids didn't tell me either since Liam was also melting down and I was closing my eyes a lot and trying to practice deep breathing exercises. Poor baby! No wonder he was so fussy!

I'll post pictures of my progress. Life has been so much better since I've had quiet time every morning and have been exercising. It definitely chases the blahs away!

Please email me to let me know how you are doing. I can't call much but I can do online stuff while I'm nursing!

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countingmyblessings said...

This is very impressive girl! Wow!! I am going to check a couple of those sites out. Especially the clean house one. I hear ya on the hate to clean stuff!