Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Boys Galore.

Well, we managed to make it two days without a concussion checklist. Oy! Life with a lot of boys is great but it's quite a rollercoaster. The first picture is one of GAvin in a rare non-screaming moment. The second is of the four boys but you'll notice that Liam's head blocks most of Gavin's. His version of loving thy brother is something akin to smothering him...literally! At least he doesn't use Gavin's head as a stepstool like Austin did to Dylan at this age. One time Austin climbed into Dylan's crib when he was 5 mos old and I heard through the baby monitor "I get horsey ride!" and then Dylan's screamed. I ran in there and sure enough Austin was straddling my little 5 mos old. We eventually moved Dylan in with Taylor for his survival.

Another pic is the boys with their matching sleepers. Mitzi's husband thinks I shouldn't be posting pics of me in my slinky purple pajamas! Lol. Enjoy!

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Dana & Ryan said...

There sure is lots of testosterone! Cute photos of your boys. I'm not sure what's worse posting pics of yoru slinky pjs or posting pics of your slinky pjs and not being able to see them! :)