Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sewing fun

Here are some recent projects that I completed sewing. On the top are my two sons with matching outfits. I was teaching a sewing class last year and one of my students decided to give me a gift certificate to Hancock Fabrics (the best store to go to!). It was for a baby gift when Liam was born. I decided to make an outfit for each of the boys and took Austin and Dylan to the store with me to pick out fabric. If you know my sons at all they are complete opposites and neither could agree on fabric choice. The new plan was that I got fabric for Austin and Liam that matched and Dylan and Liam that matched but Austin and Dylan would look quite different. Hence Austin and Liam have some lime green plaid fabric that Dylan wouldn't be caught dead in and Dylan picked out Spongebob fabric. At least Liam was compliant!

The other picture is Lily, the cutest neice in the world! I made her this dress with leftover fabric from a top/shorts outfit I made Taylor. I'm so glad it fits her too. Isn't her face so sweet? I wish we lived closer so I can make lots of dresses for her.

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