Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Banana Meatloaf Story....dum,da, dum, dum!

Okay, Taylor asked that I write this story down...It's quite famous in our family.

When I was first married my husband and I had very different tastes when it came to food. I was used to fresh fruits and vegetables and rather fancy cuisine. Bill loved to smother things in ketchup and considered velveeta it's own food group. We didn't fight about things like money or toilet paper rolls our first year of marriage, we fought about food. He absolutely hated salmon, I loved it. Sushi is just to die for in my opinion but my husband doesn't think it's dead enough to eat! We would go round and round about this. Most things I made went uneaten and down the disposal.

One day I was making meatloaf. I figured that was a safe bet since you could smother it with ketchup. Heck! I could get rid of leftover food in it and he'd never know! Score! I mean really, you throw ground beef with some onions, lots or worchestershire sauce and oatmeal. What else could I sneak in? I looked around and noticed a banana that was going bad on the counter. Ah-ha! I could mush it up and make the meatloaf even healthier that it already was. He'd never know, the ketchup would drown the taste out. I quickly put it in and mushed it all together with my hands. Waste not, want not!

When he came home we quickly got dinner on the table and he prepared to smother his meatloaf in the ketchup that we had in ample supply. He took one bite and looked at me with angry eyes. "Did you put a banana in this meatloaf?"

"Yes," I said, shocked that he would notice it.

He shook his head and promptly stomped into the kitchen and dumped the whole meal in the trash can. What a jerk! I thought. I couldn't believe he was being so UNREASONABLE! But then....I took a bite. Oh my word! It was horrible. It meat and banana at it's most ripe state. THe whole effect was quite horrifying. He wasn't being unreasonable after all. It was just awful. I too threw mine away and ate something else that night.

Later I threw my arms around his neck and apologized for such an awful mess. He forgave me and asked that I not try to sneak in healthy food into his beef without his knowledge...unless it was ketchup. We came up with ground rules about food:

1. I was to never make him salmon.

2. He would serve himself.

3. No sneaking!

Ever since then we haven't fought about food. He does serve himself vegetables to be a good example for the children, just not the heaping portions that I used to give him. Thus we have marital bliss!

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