Saturday, November 3, 2007

Fall fun compliments of the Creator

I heard a scientist describe what happens to the earth during autumn. He said that the leaves break down and provide nutrients for the decomposers that then return nutrients for the soil. He said that the deciduous forest is the most diverse habitat anywhere for this reason. He said that this harmony and cycle couldn't have occurred by chance, it had to have been put into place by a Creator. He then said he felt that there was one other reason that God made fall....for the delight of children to play in the leaves.
In my home this is definitely the case. My children look forward to raking and frolicking every year. Now they get to add someone new to the mix! I was picking leaf bits out of his nether region for quite a while after that!


Dana & Ryan said...

What a wonderful photo! You should blow it up and put it in a frame on your wall.

Dana & Ryan said...

I can't wait until my kids can join in the fun!!!! ...and me too! :)