Thursday, November 1, 2007

The real Halloween with all the make up. We had a blast this year dressing the kids up. The only snaffu was when Dylan wanted to wrap up as a mummy and asked Bill to help. Bill did it but complained to me that "this costume is not functional!" No dear, not all things are functional but some are just frivolous and fun. We collected parts of Dylan's costume along the way as they got candy. Taylor was dracula, Austin was frankenstein, Dylan was a mummy and Liam was a duck. I got the costume last year when I was pregnant for just a buck! What a steal!

They enjoyed getting joke books from the library this year and writing out lists of potential fodder for the neighbors. The kids complained that although the neighbors asked for jokes they laughed halfway through the presentation and sent them on their way. They said, "Mom they didn't even take the time to listen to me!" Ahh, the first of many such experiences for them. How many of us really listen to each other??

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