Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My son, the Renaissance man

Austin is a very sensitive guy. Yes, he's all boy. He'll wrestle, play ball, and destroy things with the best of them. He also wants to learn all my hobbies. He joins me with cooking. He's also decided to knit and to sew. He's knitted himself a hat and a sweater for his little brother. He's sewn a fleece sweatshirt and is working on another one too.
The picture is Liam wearing his new sweater. Austin saved his allowance to buy the yarn and bought it at Hobby Lobby when I was pregnant. He diligently worked on it until it was done. The sweater turned out to look pink but there is orange, green, purple and yellow in it too. I was so proud of him when he finished it. He couldn't wait to take the picture of Liam in it. I just love his heart. So many times he is misunderstood since he says what's on his mind no matter how rude it sounds to others (a problem his mother has not his father.) But then he can be so tender with little children. Isn't that a quality that our Lord wants us to have (not the rudeness, but the tenderness). He asks so many questions far beyond his years. Like, "Can Satan be changed for good? If God knew what would happen why did He make Adam and Eve anyway? How can I be a Christian if I keep doing bad things?"
When he was four an eight year old was picking his sister Taylor and he sat on the kid so he couldn't get up and yelled, "Stay away from MY SISTER!" There was another time that I was in the city late at night and we had to walk to our car far away and had to cross a gang of drug dealers to do it. My idea was to cross that area myself and pull up with the car in front of the building to pick up the kids. Austin would have none of it. "Mom, I'm not letting you go out there by yourself. I will protect you." He was only 7 at the time. He bravely held my hand and marched to the car calmly as we passed the gangsters.
He's a joy to homeschool too. He loves brainteasers, math, and reading mysteries. Anything that has to do with learning is exciting to him.
I hope that his future wife thanks me for these skills when he's older. I figure that if he has the perseverence to finish a baby sweater and has the bravery to protect his mom when he's 9 years old who knows what he'll accomplish when he's an adult?


Dana & Ryan said...

What a great letter to austin from his mom. You should put it in his babybook or somewhere so he can read it when he is older. I bet it would mean the world to him, today or some day in the future.

Qtpies7 said...

Wow, what a great kiddo. The sweater is gorgeous!