Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My day

Things don't always go smoothly at the Kienbusch house. Today I schooled the kids amid lots of noise, most of it centered around entertaining my very LOUD baby. I then took phone calls, made lunch, and had a mess in the kitchen because we were still doing school. Dylan had decided to go on a mental vacation and I couldn't get him to focus the entire day. By 2 pm we were still doing school with no end in sight, the baby refused to nap and was screaming his head off, my dishes were still piling up, and Dylan was having a complete meltdown. I gave up and told him to do school by himself which caused him to break into complete hysterics. I then announced that we were no longer going to the park like we do on tuesdays but we were going to the trail instead so I can get a quick workout before taxi duty.

We raced down the trail in our rollerblades and thankfully I didn't fall but when I got home I had to get everyone in the car. We then dropped Taylor off at ballet and raced to Austin's basketball game. My children had been playing with the cell phone and left it at home so my husband couldn't get a hold of me. The baby smelled like poop in the middle of the game so I went out to the car, got the diaper bag and changed him but....no poop! OKay. Went back to the game and yelled at all the players to get their HANDS UP! They got creamed 23 to 4. I then raced home to feed Liam, and bath him so that all Bill has to do is to put him to bed. Apparently Liam decided to poop...in the tub...after his bath...on the pretty green towel on my lap. Unfortunately I didn't realize it until after he'd squashed it into every Egyptian fiber! Yuck! I then had to take the baby downstairs to be fed by my son while I cleaned poop out of the tub and then raced to pick up my daughter from ballet. Unfortunately for her I'd said to leave class 15 minutes early so I could pick her up and go to my homeschool meeting. Since I was late due to the poop fiasco the teachers thought she was lying to get out of dance. Poor Taylor!

I raced to the meeting where the topic was about productivity, and purpose in homeschooling. It was definitely something I needed but man...I need to go to bed! I'm glad the Lord understands days like this.


Qtpies7 said...

I have had way too many stinky days. Today was one of them. Some of it went well, but the we are now down to one car and 4 jobs between our family members. We got two cars sort of working, so we are hoping that they both work tomorrow.

Melanie Wilson said...

LOL!!! The only thing you needed added to that day was Sam grossing out over your Shepherd's pie! LOL! Hope today was a better day.

Leeann said...

Wow. I'm so glad I found a woman that lives in chaos like me! :)