Saturday, November 17, 2007

Even old people are victims of Taylor's fashion sense!

Taylor enjoys dressing up her grandpa. Here he's wearing her new American Girl hat. He's an awfully good sport about it. One time his other granddaughter Julia was making fun of his toenails. She lives in another state so when she was due to visit again he called Taylor to paint his toenails as a surprise. She was so excited. She painted them an array of blues and purples. She then commenced to painting her and Liam's toenails too! Julia was in for a big surprise! Taylor had a blast conspiring with her grandpa. I, for one, was shocked that a man of his generation was into something like that but then I guess he's just young at heart!

1 comment:

Dana & Ryan said...

how funny! I guess that is where Bill gets his goofy side. I want to see a photo of the toenails!