Friday, June 5, 2009

It's Swimming Time

My kids love to swim. You'd swear they were fish. I'm always the one who wants to leave before they do. Swim team really gives them confidence and helps them expend their boundless energy in a healthy way. They start at 7:45 am swimming laps. Some moms think I'm crazy for doing that but really I'm up at 4 or 5 am anyway so it' s not a big deal to me. This first week however has been nutty between potty training, diarrhea, and cold temps in the morning. It hasn't been a good week for practice. I took these shots on the first day of practice. Even Gavy is happy to try on Taylor's swim cap. Liam always starts strippin and yells that he needs sun screen (said, "ice cream") but when he realized He's not swimming he's sad. We make it up to him in the afternoon.
At first Taylor was concerned that since a "mom" picked out the new suit it would be lame. She said to her friend, "It probably has something awful on daisies!" I thought that was funny. She gave a thumbs up to the new suit though.

Hopefully we'll have a good season this year. If not, at least my kids will be in shape.

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