Saturday, June 13, 2009

Diary of a sleep deprived mom take 2!

Okay, so I decided to potty train Liam like I did all the others. It's been going well for the most part. He has 1-2 accidents a day but is much more willing to go than he was in the past. With the other kids I just put them in diapers at night and they just woke up dry one day and then that stopped.

Last week Liam decided that he needed to get up to go potty. Okay, no problem. I took him potty and then put him back to bed. Unfortunately he needs to go potty 5-6 times a night now. Don't get my post wrong, I love him and I know that this is a phase that will pass. It does help me to blog about it though so take it in that spirit. Don't tell me dumb things like why did you have all those kids? This just goes with the territory sometimes and I know that.

10:30 pm, go to bed
11:00 Liam sits up in bed half asleep and is crying. I tell him to go back to sleep and he does.
11:30 Liam cries again. Goes and sits on the potty but doesn't go.
12:30 Cries again, Bill gets up with him.
1:00 Bill goes in several times in a row and ends up frustrated so he goes downstairs to sleep.
1:30 Cries again, I take him potty and he goes.
1:40 cries again, I tell him to go to sleep.
2:00 He yells that he has to go potty again, he does....I tell him I'm not coming back for a while so he better sleep.
3:30 Cries again, I take him potty and he goes.
4:00 we both sleep out of exhaustion.
6am Gavin decided it was time to wake up. Liam joins the fray.
1pm we all take a nap
2:30 we all wake up and go swimming.

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