Sunday, June 14, 2009

Diary of a sleep deprived mom day two.

Last night went way better. For one, I had lots of friends praying for us. Then I moved his potty chair next to the bed. That way he could just go rather than get woken up by the bathroom lights. I also didn't give him milk after lunch, only diluted apple juice. He woke up only twice, once at 11:44 and another time at 5:45.

Tonight Bill gave him milk so I will see if that makes a difference. He does seem to pee a lot more after he drinks that verses other things.

Hope all is well with everyone else. We had a great time visiting the M's in from Colorado/Washington. We don't see them often so it was fun. Some of them were Taylor's age when I last visited so now they are all grown up. Liam had a blast with the little girl who is almost 3. They were the same height and talked up a storm. Matthew and Dylan ran around the house red faced. Dylan got quite emotional when we had to leave. Who knows when we'll see them again?

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