Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lingere shopping.

One of the nice things about having a daughter is that we get to do things that interest us separate from the crazy things boys/men like to do. Taylor loves to go shopping and so do I under the right circumstances.

About a month ago I had to get new bras. The others wore out or didn't fit anymore since I've been pregnant/nursing/postpartum the last two years. Taylor really wanted to go with me. They were having a sale at JC Penny so I decided to go there and invest in some nice ones that would last.

Now I don't know when this happened but apparently I like boring old lady bras according to Taylor. I winced because it's true. Years ago I used to get the Fredrick's of Hollywood catalog sent to me, but no longer. I mean's not like it stays on that long anyway!

I was in the dressing room trying on my boring old lady bras, Liam was climbing under the changing room door and yelling loudly since it had an echo, and Taylor was busy browsing. She came in and turned up her nose at the tans and whites I'd picked out. "Mom, oh my word, these will never do. I will pick some out for you." And with that she hopped out of the room and went looking around. She came back with hot pink lacy numbers, frilly purple ones and some black bra that was something out of a midevil torture chamber. Most of them were so impractical or didn't fit. She brought one of lavendar satin though that was so pretty. I tried it on and it did fit., so I bought it and it is my favorite and most comfortable one.

All in all I enjoyed shopping with her and letting her push me a little over my comfort zone. It's a humbling experience but a good bonding one too.

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Melanie Wilson said...

That's so cool! I can't imagine trying to get my mom to buy sexy bras. LOL