Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My cherry creations!

Here's a picture of Dana's three girls. Their birthdays are all within a month of each others so I made them all dresses this year. Dana loves cherries so really they are more for her anyway but I tried to make Anna's (the one on the right) like a princess dress with loop borders on the sleeves and a long skirt. Naomi's (on the left) is more rough and tumble with shorts and a swag stitched border and Abby's has stars and lace...perfect for a little one year old.

Normally I don't advertise the price I pay for presents but I got the fabric and materials for this (and I can make a diaper bag out of the leftovers) for $16 bucks total. How cool is that? $4 a dress. My sewing hobby pays off sometimes.

I made some leotards for Taylor so I'll post that tomorrow. I'm trying to spend an hour a day in my sewing room so I can get things done this summer before I'm REALLY busy!

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Qtpies7 said...

So cute! you did a great job! I don't sew anymore, I need to relearn some things. Which would be easier if I could find the power cord/pedal to my sewing machine!