Monday, June 30, 2008

Fun at the Wilson's House

Here's a video of Taylor and Liam at the Wilson's house jumping on the trampoline. I had him most of the day while the kids were playing games. Taylor noticed I looked tired and offered to take him in the pool and then the trampoline. As you can tell he thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm so grateful to have children that love being with each other (of course when he wakes them up early that's another story!). We had a fun time at their house even though it poured rain on us for the first half hour.

I can't believe how calm Melanie was considering she had 50 million people in her house when she'd planned on all of us being outside. I'd have really freaked out with that...wet, dripping children on the tile!

She also had us do a cake decorating contest as a family. Icing and sprinkles in the hands of 20 children! Ahh! Just the thought has me running away screaming. The kids had fun and hey, Melanie didn't have to decorate a big cake. Maybe I should let go of my fear of sticky messes. Although I have enough naturally made sticky messes.

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