Monday, June 9, 2008

More creations by Dilly

We had a fun day outside the day these pictures were taken but Liam was not in a photo mood. If you'll notice their shorts match. Dylan loves to sew and made them matching snoopy shorts for them to wear on hot summer days. The picture on the bottom shows Liam in a more quiet pose but at least you can see the shorts better. Poor Dylan was so frustrated with Liam's lack of photogenic persona that day but he did a great job on the garments. I told him he should be a fashion designer some day but he said, "Nah, I like doing this for fun."

His next project is a handquilted lovey for the new baby that we're doing together. THe one side will be a furry microfleece and satin border. On the other side will be paper pieced english honeycomb pieces and a couple of butterflies appliqued. We were so inspired when we went to the quilt show at the art museum a few months ago. I can't wait until we're finished and you can see pictures of it.

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