Monday, June 23, 2008

My birthday!

Wow! I'm so spoiled by good family and friends. They really know me. My husband really likes it when I give him a wish list to choose from so he knows what I would like. I put four things on it this year....he got me three of them! I was shocked. One of them is a snap press. I've heard those things are so awesome to use that you'll be looking for things to put snaps in. If you see my children's clothing covered in snaps...then you'll understand what happened. Bill said that he'll be glad not to hear me banging away with a hammer downstairs and then yelling when the snaps don't set right.

Austin made me a card and inserted Suduko puzzles and words searches in there for me. Taylor made me a card and Dylan made me tissue paper flowers. My mom gave me money toward my serger, my dad got me a Costco membership (whee! I love Costco!). My friend Melanie got me a gift card for Walmart. Dana kidnapped me for the afternoon to take a scrapbooking class and made a two toned cheesecake. I even got to take a nap on my birthday too! My in-laws made me one of my favorite meals for dinner (a night off from cooking...yeah!) and they gave me some spending money. My mother in law gave me strict orders not to use it on the kids but on me. How fun. I don't know what I will do with it yet but I'm brainstorming. It's so wonderful to be remembered on my birthday. I truly feel loved.

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