Thursday, June 26, 2008

More sewing fun!

Taylor came home from ballet all excited about a new leotard she wanted. We went to the fabric store (Hancock's of course) and found some fabric (for around $4) and a pattern that I combined with a leotard pattern I already had. What she's wearing are the results. She said her friend paid over $30 for hers but we got it for $5. Whoo hoo! The other is a sun hat that I made for an online friend who wanted one after seeing Liam's on my blog. She sent a picture of the type of hat she wanted and I found the fabric for $1.58. Not bad huh? I love my hobby.

Me and the kids spent all nap time cutting fabric squares and I hemmed them with my serger to make fabric napkins. It's been on my to do list but the kids were really motivated to help so it went really fast.

Notice in the first picture Liam's walking to Taylor. That's right! He's upwardly mobile! Ahh! Let the real fun begin. She's happily caught him in the following picture.

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Qtpies7 said...

Wow, how great is that!
We paid lots of money for leotards when I was dancing, too. It sure would be nice to know how to sew. Maybe one of these days I will slip into my mom's room and try out her machine.