Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snow fun!

It was Liam's official first snow this past tuesday. Exactly 48 hours after we celebrated a 74 degree day we had 8 inches of snow dumped on us! How bizarre. The kids have been begging me to take Liam out in the snow so I finally relented as they've been stuck in the house for over a month due to illness. They pulled him slowly around in the sled. At first they tried to do it with him sitting alone but he flopped over face first in the snow. After that they took turns pulling one sibling holding Liam in their laps. He had a blast. They also made a snow igloo around him and he had fun with that.

When they brought him in he had pink cheeks and a red nose but a huge smile on his face. He even sat by the window and watched them as they were playing even longer in the snow. They wanted to take him down this big hill by our house but I said no...such a mean mom. But watch out, next year he'll be ready.

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