Saturday, March 8, 2008

In honor of Uncle Brett

Austin loves legos. He has a goal to be a master brick builder and maybe someday get a job at the lego factory designing new kits. He made these two himself without instructions. He's been really inspired since he bought the Ultimate Lego Builder's Guide. He wanted to email these to Uncle Brett but then he got grounded off the computer. As consolation I told him I'd post these on my blog so hopefully Uncle Brett would see and appreciate his creations...and anyone else who reads this blog.

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Brett said...


Not only do I get a post dedicated to me, but it's a super cool post about lego planes and cars! Austin, these are some of my favorite things - I love the A10, wayyy cool. It does look like it was not easy to figure out, with all the similar small pieces. How cool!

Thanks for sharing this, Wendy and Austin!