Monday, March 17, 2008

The REAL Bucket List

Dana and I finally got to go away this weekend. Our husbands rolled up their sleeves and watched our combined 7 kids while we went to Springfield and then onto Bloomington for the HEarts at HOme conference. It was a blast.

We went to a Chinese Buffet, scrapbooking store and to see the Bucket List the first night. If you haven't seen the movie yet I highly recommend it. It's about two men who form an unlikely friendship with the only thing they have in common being that they will each die of cancer within a year. They complete a list of what each wants to do or see before they die. ALong the way they make each other laugh, cry, and make each other very angry. A few times they say, "blah, blah, blah" to each other (something me and Dana do on a regular basis!). It would seem to be very depressing but I actually found it to be uplifting and really moral at times. The scene where Jack Nicolson kisses "the most beautiful girl in the whole world" will make you cry. If you don't cry, you're a heartless creep.

The motel we stayed in was horrible. IF you're ever in Springfield do NOT go to the Travelodge. For 58 dollars you can have a window that doesn't latch, a shower that will alternately scald and freeze you, and NO air conditioning. They also advertised a free breakfast (not true), and a tub with jets (think mustard yellow tub with two air holes!). The party the boys were having next door caused the entire floor to vibrate. What a refreshing night's sleep.
The conference was wonderful. The basic theme was, give yourself a break. Yes, as moms we all have guilt but face it, we're not perfect. We'll make mistakes but as long as we're spending time with our kids trying to raise them as best as we can AND we spend time loving their fathers...we can't go wrong. We're not responsible for how our children ultimately turn out, the responsiblity is God's. We're just supposed to find joy in the journey. Being among 5 thousand women who are trying to be good moms was wonderful.
My husband handled things as well as possible but he's glad I'm back. I just haven't told him that Kevin Lehman will be there next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But we can wait to share that!

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Dana & Ryan said...

I concur on the hotel description! And everything else as well! I'm ready for next year! :) So glad we got to go!!!