Sunday, March 2, 2008

Days I'm glad I'm alive....after a day I wished I was dead!

After my thursday barf-o-rama I felt like myself on Friday. I decided to have a big breakfast planned and invited Dana, whose husband graciously gave us the hours of 7-9 in the morning to spend together. No sooner than I put the phone down when the stomach cramps started. They lasted on and off for several hours and then the real fun began. I threw up for approximately 12 hours. If I even turned over on my side it was enough to send me hurling. When I wasn't doing that I was sleeping. Towards the end I was praying for death. I didn't want to eat or drink anything for a LONG time but did it when I thought maybe the baby might be suffering.

By the next morning I felt fine although I still didn't want to eat much, but at least I kept 1/4 of a pancake and 1/2 of a banana down. It was a beautiful day today and sunny too. We went to church. We sat out in the field after church and Liam had his first experience sitting in grass. He had several moments of closing his eyes, arms raised with a huge smile on his face. It was the look of pure joy.

We had a picnic lunch outside and then decided to fly kites. Austin brought his ball so he and Bill could catch in preparation for baseball season. It was a wonderful day.

Here are the kids at the start of our afternoon. Liam loves being with his siblings!The wind was blowing hard so keeping the kites up was a challenge!

Baseball's just around the corner!

Liam just enjoyed himself on the grass, in the stroller, and playing with the kites. Many times he was waving to the kites.

All in all I'm glad I'm not dead just yet because we had such a good day.
Of course now Dylan's complaining about stomach cramps...dum, da dum dum dum!


Brett said...

everyone looks so happy! nothing like getting out of the house for a spell in the spring.

Brett said...

oh, and glad to hear you are feeling better!

Dana & Ryan said...

i am glad you are alive too!

Taylor said...

man that week was HeLl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!