Friday, March 21, 2008

Picnic day

Dana and I were on another whirlwind adventure today as we packed our 7 children and took another four to the park for a picnic. The weather forecast said 67 and sunny....wrong! It was 50 and cloudy and blustery. We froze. Poor Liam, his teeth were chattering. We went to subway and I had their chicken florentine sandwich which was just awesome. You should have seen the lady's face when I ordered 7 kids meals. It was a mix of horror and irritation. Good thing that Liam, and Dana's kids didn't get sandwiches... that lady might have landed in the looney bin!

The kids ran around and got red faced with sweat so they had a good time. Dana's kids had meltdowns so she left and then my friend Debbie showed up and she ended up taking all the kids home for me so Liam could take a nap. It ended up a good day and now my tummy is happy.

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